Sunday, February 8, 2015

Daddy-Daughter Dance

We tried out a new church last weekend, Austin Stone. They announced a daddy daughter dance happening this weekend so Tanner asked Parker on a date :) They had tons of dancing, desserts, photo booth, balloon animals, candy jewelry, you name it! Parker & daddy had a ton of fun & I got some time with my little man ;)

So cute!! xoxo


Another year in the books and my husband, kids, momma and friends made it super special with all things Kendra Scott! My husband took me to a fancy restaurant downtown and we seriously had one of the best times! Lots of laughs and stories :)

I had a rough day the day before my bday and I was in tears when I opened this fabulous gold bracelet from my girl Jenna! I was beyond excited!!
Tanner & the kids got my the new bracelet and matching earrings from her new line!! Love!!
My sweet friend Paula, here in Austin, got me this fabulous Kendra jewelry/makeup bag! Love it & her!!

Surprise flowers & balloon from my momma :))
Here's to 31!!!!!

Another room down..whew!

We finally finished our guest bedroom this weekend! I love it, probably my favorite decorated room!

Happy Sunday!! xoxo

Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Home Pictures

I am scared to even look and see the last time I wrote a blog nor do I want to catch up from the last post. The past few months have been beyond busy, stressful, busy, tiring, get it. The last thing I wanted to add to my plate is updating my blog. So I didn't. Instead I have been using every free second to move the boxes out of my house and decorate the rooms so it can actually feel like a home. Liam started school for 3 days this past week and we were all in Austin so I was able to get more done! So here goes the first few rooms.

First rooms I focused on were the kids' so they could feel more adjusted.

 I found this car bedding at Home Goods for super cheap a long time ago so I bought it not expecting to be using it right away in the new house. When we moved into our temp apartment Liam slept in a bed with Parker so we never even put the crib together again. Liam also got all new furniture!
The living room took a little bit while we waited on new couches, rug, tables, etc. If you recall, days before we moved my lovely son took a black permanent marker to my other couches that were practically new. ugh. But I love my new ones! I wanted a clean & comfy look and feel and I think we accomplished that!

This is by far one of my favorite investments!!!
This really isn't a room but I was so excited about getting it organized because it was a MESS!! It was not at the top of my list for awhile. My OCD could only handle it so long though.
My current project! I am now looking for the perfect curtains for this wall and possibly a rug!
Entry Way!! This is another favorite piece of mine! And it was only $450 on

I still have the guest bedroom, our bedroom & bathroom I can't even believe I'm showing it. I don't even know where to start :(
This is the first room you see when people walk in so you would think it would be one of the first rooms I worked on. Nope. The pile just keeps growing. Eventually it will be the kids playroom and one day an office.

That's all! We have the media room upstairs but it's just couches and a TV for now :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fun finds for the house...

I love love love looking for fun new things for our new house! I have been to severa places around Austin and have found some awesome buys for great prices.

Our entry is pretty big...its long and pretty wide. As soon as I saw this rug on I knew I had to have it! It was sold out it several sizes I wanted so I went with what they did have and that was a runner. Is it going to get pretty dirty? Probably but oh well ;)
I found this on and FELL IN LOVE! It was on sale for a super cheap price so I snatched it up. We are putting this in our entry along with our zebra print rug. 
I had about 20 minutes yesterday before I had to pick up Liam from school. I still had to go to Walgreens but when I drove by Tuesday Morning something told me to just stop. I gave myself 10 minutes! As soon as I walk in this little beauty caught my eye. There was another one I really liked but quickly sent a text to my friend Ashley asking her thoughts. These were the winners so I quickly went to pay and asked to pick them up later :) These are going in our Master Bedroom as nightstands.
Our guest bedroom is first up to decorate since my mom is coming down often and hopefully more family and friends. I want our guests to feel comfortable so I want them to have a finished room when they come. I started off wanting a clean, crisp, comfortable room so I bought a new white duvet from crane & canopy. I found several white, cream, gold, black and white pillows from Home Goods thats I snatched up.
I saw this rug for sale on and thought I had to get this for the guest room and incorporate more black with the gold. 

This little beauty was the hardest thing for me to buy and I have no idea why. I saw it at Home Goods for $100. I thought I could look online and possibly buy one for cheaper but wasn't sure since it's HUGE. I looked all over. A couple weeks later I returned to Home Goods and it was STILL THERE. Anyone who shops at Home Goods knows to buy something you like as soon as you see it because it's gone fast. Surely since it was still there it was a sign I should buy it. This is going to go above the bed in the guest bedroom!
I wish these pictures weren't coming out blurry :(
Our new dining area is fairly small. It's just a weird shape so we decided to go with a circular table. I am obsessed with the Farmhouse Tables so this to me is pretty close. We ordered this from I am still looking for the perfect dining chairs.

Just a little look into our new home. I can't wait to see it all come together!!
Praise God for this joyful gift :)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

House Update

We had several surprises go into the house this week. When we pulled up this morning we were shocked to see grass, trees, plants and a sidewalk! Then when we went inside they had put carpet, kitchen appliances and started some touch up work. It's getting sooooo close. It blows my mind that they still need another month to finish things. I feel like I spend most of my time looking up decor, furniture, etc. so I'm excited to see it come together. We went to a future neighbors house this weekend that has the same floorplan as ours. Our girls are in Kindergarten together and dance class. After talking to her momma we found out we have the same floorplan so we were so excited to go to their house to see it with furniture and decorated. After seeing theirs it made us even more anxious!! Liam and I are headed to Midland tomorrow and can't wait to see what they get done while we are gone. On to the pics....

I love our floors
The kids loved rolling around on the new carpet

Monday, September 8, 2014

Austin Firsts...

While Nane was visiting, Tanner & I got to have a date night. We decided to try out kayaking on Town Lake. This is not normally my cup of tea but I am so happy I did it. It was a lot of fun and we got to have lots of uniterrupted conversation :)

Tanner got a membership at an indoor gun range that is close to our apartment. While my mom was here we decided we would all go because  my mom wanted to shoot. It was pretty fun for me but my mom wasn't a fan of the noise ;)

Parker loved dance class so I knew we had to start her here in Austin. I found a studio in our new neighborhood and she started her first class, Pre Hip-Hop, last week. She starts her second class, Tap/Jazz/Ballet, today. I am hoping to get her into classes on the same day. She loved her new class & asks to go everyday after school now.


The past couple of weeks have been busy! With me trying to work from home, take Liam to and from school on Tuesday & Thursdays, get Parker to school & dance, try to fit in hubby time & keep the house has been tiring! So I'm glad the past couple of weekends have been fun!
Two weekends ago Nana flew back to Austin with me to spend the weekend with us. We had so much fun with her here. We went shopping, ate yummy food, played board games and just got to hang out and have a familiar face with us.

This past weekend we were invited to go to Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza. A lot of Kiker famillies were taking their kids for a Back to School night so we decided to join in. Basically, it's a large outside barn with several picnic tables and they cook pizzas in large brick ovens outside. You can get beer & drinks and they play live music. On our way out it started to sprinkle but after being there maybe 5 minutes it POURED and poured and poured the whole time. While Parker didn't care much about getting wet Liam had the best time playing in the rain & splashing in the mud puddles.

Liams new obsession is the large truck (pictured below) filled with little cars and motorcycles. He takes it everywhere and pushes it just like he is in the picture. Parker & I were invited to a little playdate with her friend Maggie & her mom. We went to a place called Phils Icehouse & Amy's icecream, You can get all types of burgers and then ice cream afterwards. They also have a large playground that the kids can play on before, during and after. The girls had a blast. While we were there Maggie showed Parker these My Little Pony Blind Bags. They are like $4 at Target, Wal-Mart, Justice or some other places and you don't know what pony you will get when you buy the bag. It's a surprise and you can collect all of them. So after seeing Maggie's, Parker had to have some for herself. After dinner Parker and I headed to Wal-Mart. We searched for a good hour and then realized they were out (we seriously went through bins and bins - mommy award here). After that it was pretty late but I wanted to have some fun with Parker so I told her we could go to Target. Well we left Target with blind bags + a whole lotta other stuff (typical target trip). Parker was so excited to open her bags but I have to be honest...I was pretty excited too ;) Now, she can't wait to get more but she is using her own money today after school. Mommy also got a little surprise toy this past week. I bought my friend Jenna & I a diamond candle. Every candle has a ring in it that is worth $10, $100, $1000 or $5000. You let the candle burn for 10-15 hours and then you see a little foil package that has a ring inside. If the ring has a 14k engraved then you are supposed to take it to a jewelry store...well neither of ours did but it was so fun waiting for it to burn!



Parker's 1st day of Kinder!

Parker started Kinder 2 weeks ago! She was so excited to start and meet her teacher & new friends. Their school starts pretty early. I remember when we used to start at 8:10AM...well they start at 7:40AM which means we have to wake up pretty early. Our temporary apartment isn't too far but it's a good 10 minute drive without traffic...luckily we are going opposite direction of the major work traffic.
Parker picked out her own clothes and shoes and asked me to curl her hair that morning & then off we went! She didn't cry & mommy didn't cry so it was a success! I was really surprised at myself for not crying but the school was a madhouse and I had Liam with me so I guess I didn't really have a lot of time to think about it. I was really shocked Parker didn't cry. She has been so brave since we have gotten here, I'm so proud of her.  She LOVES her teacher & already met a new little buddy, Maggie. I don't think anyone could replace her bff Lillie (she still talks about her all the time) but I'm glad she found a new little friend. The only bad part is a little boy in her class that calls her names. She comes home every day talking about it. As silly as the names are (Peter Parker and Pepperoni Pizza) it is really bothering her. But she is doing a good job about ignoring it right now according to her teacher. Her teacher says Parker is an excellent listener....are you sure? My Parker? Too bad she doesn't bring that attention home ;)