Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Home Pictures

I am scared to even look and see the last time I wrote a blog nor do I want to catch up from the last post. The past few months have been beyond busy, stressful, busy, tiring, get it. The last thing I wanted to add to my plate is updating my blog. So I didn't. Instead I have been using every free second to move the boxes out of my house and decorate the rooms so it can actually feel like a home. Liam started school for 3 days this past week and we were all in Austin so I was able to get more done! So here goes the first few rooms.

First rooms I focused on were the kids' so they could feel more adjusted.

 I found this car bedding at Home Goods for super cheap a long time ago so I bought it not expecting to be using it right away in the new house. When we moved into our temp apartment Liam slept in a bed with Parker so we never even put the crib together again. Liam also got all new furniture!
The living room took a little bit while we waited on new couches, rug, tables, etc. If you recall, days before we moved my lovely son took a black permanent marker to my other couches that were practically new. ugh. But I love my new ones! I wanted a clean & comfy look and feel and I think we accomplished that!

This is by far one of my favorite investments!!!
This really isn't a room but I was so excited about getting it organized because it was a MESS!! It was not at the top of my list for awhile. My OCD could only handle it so long though.
My current project! I am now looking for the perfect curtains for this wall and possibly a rug!
Entry Way!! This is another favorite piece of mine! And it was only $450 on

I still have the guest bedroom, our bedroom & bathroom I can't even believe I'm showing it. I don't even know where to start :(
This is the first room you see when people walk in so you would think it would be one of the first rooms I worked on. Nope. The pile just keeps growing. Eventually it will be the kids playroom and one day an office.

That's all! We have the media room upstairs but it's just couches and a TV for now :)