Sunday, August 24, 2014

Liam's 1st day of MDO

With working from home I knew I would want to have some quality time with my sweet boy but I also still want him to have that time away with other kids and learning new things. I did some searching for a MDO program for Liam. Since I know nothing about Austin I had to take my own stab at the better ones. After looking at a few I finally found one called "Mornings with Jesus". The Director won me over really. She is beyond sweet and the MDO program is at a Catholic church. I love the different prayers they say with each child and a low student:teacher ratio. I know he is going to learn so much here!
He was not excited the first day. They started last Thursday and he cried as soon as we walked into the building. All the little kids were crying though so I'm sure they were all feeding off eachother. It's from 9-1 so this will also allow me to have a few hours to work uninterrupted. Parker and I were so excited to go pick him up after his first day. We headed to Baskin Robbins to celebrate :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

House Update

After FINALLY getting in this one little window (litteraly took over a couple months) they were able to start sheetrock. This week they will be installing cabinets!! Yay!! I love being able to drive by it now rather than just receiving weekly pictures from our sales rep. These next 2 months can't go by fast enough!

First week in Austin

After sadly leaving Midland last Friday we made our way to Austin!


We are currently building a new house right now. It is supposed to be ready by the end of October, fingers crossed. So in the meanwhile we are nice and cozy in a 2 bedroom furnished apartment. The apartment is ok and definitely better than nothing but when you are used to a home it gets a little tight. We can no longer let out dogs run out and play/potty. Instead we have to take them on walks every couple of hours at a place where there is no grass. I still can't figure out why they dont have grass at these apartments. All rocks. But with the bad comes the good. We have hung out as a family much more this past week. We have played board games, taken naps, watched movies, went for walks and grocering shopping...ALL TOGETHER! So that is part is nice.


Our big boy has transitoned from his crib to a bed. We brought his crib in high hopes of putting it together here in the apartment but the first night we were exhausted so we put him and Parker together in bed and it has been great ever since.

The weekend we got here Tanner had to work. Did I mention we picked the worst time to move for Tanner's job sake? So really me and the kids got everything unpacked and settled. Last week I was supposed to start working from home M/W/F. Well since I am transitioning from an employee to contractor my access still hasn't gotten moved over so I am still without access...ugh. But I have to be at the computer in case anyone asks me for anything over IM. It's sad sitting here all day and trying to have my kids understand why I can't play all day or go do something. But I am blessed to still have my job and willing to try it out for awhile.

Last Monday we took Parker to register her for Kindergarten. We also got her signed up for dance class and new dance outfits! She starts school next Monday so I am excited for her and that she can be playing and learning and not sitting here with me at my computer. We got to take her clothes shopping and supplies shopping. She loved the clothes part but could care less about the supplies part. After I got home with all the supplies I looked online and realized I bought ALL the wrong stuff. I was wondering why some of the items were needed for Kindergarten..HA! We filled the rest of our week with walks to the mailbox (so fun for the kids haha), swimming at the pool, Target runs, Barton Creek mall and lots and lots of board games which I love :)

We had friends invite us for dinner last Friday at this cool place called Waterloo Ice house. It has a fun playground outside for the kids to play out while you wait for you food or for after. I enjoyed meeting new people. Saturday night we tried out this place called Midway Food Park. There were several food trucks, playground, band, picnic tables It was very neat to find places like these but not at 5:00pm when it was 102 degrees. Now we know :) The kids and I planned to go to Midland today for me to work but my boss asked me to come the following week so now I have to come up with ideas for this week...eeek! First up is Children's Museum.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sad Goodbyes

I can't believe we have been in Austin a little over a week. I know that is nothing to most things but living in a new town it's been a crazy week (another blog on that). Before we headed out we got to say goodbye to friends & family.
First, the kids had to say goodbye to their friends and teachers at their school. This was hard for Parker. Liam didn't & still doesn't quite get it. Parker had been at Midland College since she was 2 and Liam since he was 4 months. The teachers, staff, kids and kids' families were our family. They have taught Parker & Liam most of the things they know. We will forever be grateful for our time at MC.

The weekend before we moved Parker & I got to head to Ruidoso with my mom & neice and enjoy some girl time. Our condo time-share just happened to fall on the worst weekend for our schedule but we still wanted to go to have that time with my mom & Lindsay. We headed to Ruidoso on a Friday & had a lot of fun enjoying the much cooler air, swimming, pony riding, eating, horse races, slot machines, shopping and quality girl time! I was really sad to come home from this trip knowing that as soon as we got back we had 2 days to be out of our house.

Well the trip ended and the next 2 days were a whirlwind. First thing to leave was Gunner :( He is staying with a cop friend in Midland since we can only have 2 dogs in our temporary apartment and he is too big anyways. He is probably loving all the attention he is getting from Mike so I hope he still wants to come home in a couple months. Next, our neighbors had us over for a nice BBQ. We have been blessed with amazing neighbors at all 3 houses we have lived in. Our most recent neighbors were amazing and they have  a little boy that is Liam's age so we had big plans for them to be good friends :) We were so so sad to say goodbye. Luckily, I work with Rhegan (neighbor) so I will be seeing them when I go in town every other week for work.

 I got to have a quick lunch with my bf Jenna & my coworkers. Jenna will still see me on a bi-monthly basis. I am already heading back on Monday and have lunch and pedi plans with her & then we get to meet her family at Lake LBJ over Labor Day weekend. She can't get rid of me. My co-workers took me to lunch & bought me sweet gifts and cards. These ladies & guys have made working so much fun & I was blessed to know each of them. Nana Becky came & got Parker one evening & went to get dinner & ice cream. Becky's granddaughter Kylin is Parkers age so they have grown up around eachother. I'm sad we didn't get to spend more time with them :( We can call on Becky for anything & have good laughs with her so we will really miss that.On the day we were cleaning up our house my dad & mom stopped by to say goodbye though I can't really say goodbye to them...I will still talk to them daily and see them almost every other week (but they don't see it like that). We also got to spend the night with the other Hayes's which was a great way to end our time in Midland. I only cried once during the whole move cycle ( I am not a "cryer"). I cried when we left Cara & Landons. As soon as I had to hug Laney I lost it.



I guess I haven't felt sad up until move day because I know we are doing what God has planned for us and I feel confident he is going to make our time in Austin wonderful. Though I am not excited about the constant travel for work...I am excited to still be a part of Midland and see all the people I love often. I only moved away from Midland once and that was only for 6 months and I came running back haha. We love you Midland!! See you soon :)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Almost move time

Right now we are in Ruidoso for our annual trip. My grandparents bought this cabin before I was born. We have come every year since. I love being here. The cool air, horse races, shopping, family time, etc. I was dreading this year only because I know when I return on Monday I will have 4 days to get us moved out and to Austin. Next week will be a whirlwind. I can't even list everything that needs to be done. The kids had their last days at daycare last week so they will be with us while both of us trying to work and pack.
.......But it's not here yet so I will try and enjoy these last 2 days before all the craziness begins. I'm excited. I'm sad. I'm in denial. I honestly feel like I'm getting ready for a long trip. Since I decided to come home every other week to work I haven't been as sad. I will hopefully get to see family & friends as often as I do now. My boss has been amazing and working through obstacles to keep me with my current group. This Wednesday I officially resign from ConocoPhillips. I never thought this day would come...I was in for life! Ha. My contract position with Velosi but working for COP in my same position starts August 11th and I will only be working 3 day work weeks. This new schedule definitely has it's perks! I just thank God for making this transition smooth for me.
More updates next week.