Friday, July 25, 2014

Guest Bedroom

We have never really had a guest bedroom before. Our very first home we had one but I never got to decorate it. When picking a plan for our new home...a guest bedroom was a must! We want friends and family to have a place to stay and feel comfortable having their own room and bathroom. I love white bedrooms...white anything really! The clean feel is amazing and so comfy. I have light colors in my bedroom right now and will never go back!
For our guest bedroom I want comfortable! I can't decide what pop of color I want to go along with the white & grey or if I want a color at all. Here are some of my inspiration peices...

All these pictures came from Pinterest!
This white comforter comes from Crane & Canopy. I just bought one and can't wait to get it in!!
 I love this litting sitting area.

 Don't these colors just make you want to jump in bed and take a looong nap??
 I LOVE these floors. This looks so much like the wood tile we will have in our house.
Love the idea of having a basket with extra blankets and pillows.
Striped curtains are a must! love them!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Pool Party {Parker-5 , Liam-2}

My poor kids are going to have to endure the joint party for a few more years. It's just easier & much cheaper...ummm....easier? I always say I am going to go cheaper and more simpler but I just need to be honest with myself and realize that's not going to happen. Luckily we had access to the clubhouse the day before and I happen to be off work so I did most of the setup then. As much as you plan, organize and tell yourself you won't get stressed and just have fun - it never happens that way! My kids LOVE the water and we have a brand new clubhouse in our neighborhood so as soon as we moved in Parker immediately said she wanted to have her party there. I turned the pool party into a "Beach Ball" themed party!
We invited A LOT of friends this time since we were moving and I wanted the kids to get to hang out with all their friends from school at the party. It's also swimming and every kid loves to swim so I even invited some sweet friends with their little ones to enjoy the pool, pizza & cupcakes. I'm so glad everyone came but sad we didn't get to visit with everyone:( The kids had a great time & that's all that matters! On to the pictures...

First up are decorations!





Swimming, friends, family & a good time...


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Liam is 2!

Another year came and went faster than I wanted. I love my little fat squishy boy and I'm dreading when those rolls start to fade away. Liam and his daddy have birthdays side by side and Parkers is the following week so we decided to take the family to the JW Marriott in San Antonio to celebrate all these birthdays + American's birthday! We left on Liam's birthday so they had balloons waiting for him in our room. This hotel was amazing but that will be a seperate post.
A friend made this shirt for us last minute...I thought it was adorable! So thankful!
 He thought he looked studly walking around like did his daddy haha
my big blue eyed baby boy! I love you so much!
Birthday Balloons!

Tanner took Liam to the Dr this morning for his 2 year check up. He is a healthy fat boy and even the dr said he should be a model for baby dolls...haha. Thankfully no shots this time. Here are his 2 year stats:
Height - 34 inches (46%)
Weight - 31.9 lbs (80%)
Head - 70%
At 2 years you are talking all kinds of gibberish but we are starting to pick up words here and there. He pretty much tries to repeat everything we say so there's not really anything he just can't say...he just puts his LIam twist on it. Our favorite word is when he tries to say Strawberry for Strawberry's like saying blah blah blah but really fast and with your tongue in and out really fast clue where this came from.
BB - Blanket
Frozey - Frozen
Ti-tee- Sissy
Bye Bye - everything went bye bye...he says this word more than anything else
Yorak - The Lorax
Miffs - The Surfs
Tiger - usually for Daniel Tiger
nindow- window - wants the window rolled down.
You love your sister and you always look for her when you wake up in the morning. You also love to "watch" first thing in the grab your BB and Minion and ask to be put on the couch to watch a movie. You are an amazing sleeper and always have been. You will ask to go night night when you are tired but when you aren't you will fight a little bit until you see you BB then you are ready to go. You are still in your crib and I dont intend to move you out for awhile. You love it and never try to crawl out...I'm not ready for 2 kids getting up in the night. You are a momma's girl but you love doing boy stuff with daddy. You love tools and acting like you are fixing something.  You are wearing 3T clothes and size 6 shoes. Your hair is curly curly like your sisters and usually looks crazy! ha. You love driving around with your window down and you yell "pool" anytime we leave the house. We are really going to miss having our pool so close when we leave. You love walks outside and playing on the playground. You are FEARLESS and that scares your momma. You love to dunk yourself under water and dive right into the pool.
 My beauties!
On Liam's birthday morning we had balloons and one gift for him to open. We gave him his 4-wheeler early and knew he would be getting a ton at his party. I bought him a puzzle of his name to help him learn it. I bought one for Parker at this age and it helped her TONS!
Theres that crazy I hair I was talking about ;)

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet boy!! I can't wait to spend many more birthdays with you!
We love you so much!!


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Midland is absolutely crazy y'all! But we are so excited our house went under contract on the first day for severa1 reasons. 1) We feel even more confident this is what God has planned for our family 2) we know the people buying it and hope this home blesses them the way it has for us the past several months. We have awesome awesome neighbors! 3) we don't have to keep the house spotless every single second! 4) we can get to Austin a little sooner which is good for Tanner's job.

Since our house won't be done until October we will be living in Corporate Housing in Austin for 2-3 months. We are kinda excited/kinda nervous! It's a furnished apartment that is pretty close to Tanner's job and I will be staying home with Liam and working from home...yay!!! We will be sharing 1,000 sq feet so we are hoping for good family time :) We can take our 2 little dogs but we have to leave Gunner behind for a couple months since they only allow 2 dogs. Thankfully our good friend, Mike, is going to adopt him for these couple of months!

So as of August 7th we will be headed to Austin to start our new chapter!