Thursday, June 26, 2014

Monster Dog

Of course none of our dogs get called by their real names. Abby = shmelly girl, Gunner = Gun Gun, Gunner Bunner, Monster (he thinks his name is NO!), then Cooper to me is "little man" and I won't say what he is to Tanner. Serisouly, this dog is like 7 now and will still do whatever the heck he wants!

I have to admit...I hated Gunner when we first got him...hated him. We had just gotten our dogs to be lazy with us and then enters this crazy wild puppy + he's huge! He has door our brand new door on our brand new home to pieces. We will be fixing that soon for new buyers :( He's chewed several shoes, kids' toys, bedding, you name it...he even chews on Cooper and Abby.

 Gunner picks on Cooper ALL DAY LONG so then Cooper growls at Gunner ALL DAY LONG...and then you always see them laying together. I think they are secretly best friends.
Isn't he pretty?? I can't say the same for our backyard though.
 He thinks he is the size of the dachshunds.
Where mommy is...Cooper & Gunner will be!
Loving bath time with the kids!
Crazy dog!
We are big time animal lovers so I knew I would grow to love Gunner. A couple months ago & a couple attempts to give him away(God must want him with us) we just decided to keep him eventhough our friend Mike really wants to have him now that he is getting his own house.

So I have no accepted him as part of the family and excited for him to get a little older and calm down :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Family Pictures

I've tried to get better about not getting professional pictures of my kids every time they do something new...kidding...sort of. Pictures are stressful but so worth it in the end...especially when you have an awesome photographer! We had just went to our nieces birthday party at a hot gym. We ran home and had about an hour to change clothes, get ready and head to our appointment. About half way into the shoot we were sweating bad. Mallory still managed to work her magic.
I can't believe my babies are about to be 5 & 2. I love their sweet selves so much! Thank you Mallory for capturing beautiful pictures of my family :)

Melt me!!! This is beyond precious!

This photo cracks me up! We were deep into these flowers/weeds and poor Parker did NOT want to be there OR sit down in the weeds. We kept telling her she was fine...when we got home...poor girl had a million bites all over her legs :(
My little stud muffin

Monday, June 23, 2014

Lake trip with the girls!

Jenna's parents have a brand new lakehouse that is absolutely amazing and they so graciously let 7 of us girls crash it for the weekend! The weather was perfect and we got to snack all day, get massages, talk without our littles interupting and sleep in! Life is good!

House Update

Our house is right on schedule and we are getting more and more excited each day! Last week they worked on the HVAC and rough electrical. Right now we are in the inspection phase and will be able to go down there over the next couple of weeks and do an open wall tour before they begin sheetrock.



Thursday, June 12, 2014

New City + same job!

God is so good! I mean seriously, he always provides...he even has hisway of giving fun gifts or surprises!
When we move to Austin in October I was planning on staying at home. I wanted some good quality time with my boy! Parker got 3 years of only child. Liam has had one year of...well I can't even remember that year. We were stressed about moving to Houston and it was a big blur. And then this past year has been much better but I still feel like I'm missing out on my boy. So when we move Tanner & I had decided I would stay home with Liam while Parker goes to Kinder. We prayed about it and thought a lot about it but we were and still are content with me staying at home OR going to work if money was needed. Either way I wanted to stay home a couple months while we get unpacked and find a daycare for Liam and then see where the future takes us.
Well the day came where I needed to tell my boss I was moving and quitting. During the conversation I had an idea pop in my head and just made a slight comment (we joke around a lot)...he smiled and said "yeah, wouldn't that be nice" and went on with the day. The comment I made was "I could always work from home (in Austin) and keep my current position". I thought about it more and more and went home to talk to Tanner about it. He loved the idea and thought I should say something. So yesterday I had a meeting with my boss and laid out my plan. I clearly do 98% of my job from my computer. The other 2% is an office must BUT I work with some lovely ladies who agreed to do that part for me. This time he was super excited and said "I think this could work". So within the last 24 hours he has talked to other supervisors, his boss and the HR boss and got approvals from everyone!!! What?? What?? Is this really happening?!?! I love my job! It's very easy yet rewarding. Mainly because I work with an awesome group and also I honest to goodness love to work. BUT I also want to stay home with Liam and enjoy him.
So now the decision has been sent to Legal to work everything out. Praise God! The other part of this deal, which we haven't worked out specifics yet, is I might have to come in to the Midland office every so often. And this will be somewhat nice to come to see my family and friends as well.
As for the house they are about to start sheetrock. Right now they are in the process of getting all the required approvals before the sheetrock phase. Everyday we get more excited!