Monday, May 26, 2014

House Design Trip

Last week my mom and I headed to Austin to pick out everything for our house. What I thought would be stressful turned out to be pretty easy. I had done lots of research so I pretty much knew what colors I wanted in each room. I left the first day of appointments really excited about my kitchen choices but wasn't thrilled with my bathroom choices. During that evening I searched more and more and finally came up with new ideas for the Master Bath, kids bath and guest bath. We got to drive by my house a couple times...once at night time and once during the day to just see the neighborhood. It made me more excited!

I love my selections and can't wait to see it all come together!

The weather was perfect all weekend

 It's really coming together

Kitchen selections:
Granite for counter tops, white subway tile for back splash and the glass tiles for decoration behind the stove. Wood tile for the floors throughout the house and white cabinets in the kitchen.
I am really loving white and clean!!

Carpet for all the bedrooms, paint color and trim

Master bath:
Wood tile, white cabinets, granite and large white tiles for the shower. Some friends told me about this wood tile and I am so glad they did. I love it and so excited about it!!

Kids bath and guest bath:
I chose dark cabinets here, silestone countertops, and a light color tile. A lot of these selections are "safe" but I was really thinking about resale later down the road.

Stairwell with a mocha stain instead of this light stain.

I made several other selections but don't have pictures of everything...

 I'm so happy my mom was able to come with me. We had a fun time!!

Pre-K Graduation

Parker and her friends graduated Pre-K a couple weeks ago. These are all the same friends she has had in her class beginning in the 2 year old class (that's when she started at Midland College). We were sad to see this day come but also excited for all the fun she is going to have during her school years. Parker is really sad about starting a new school but she still has the whole Summer at Midland College.

I can't say enough good things about MC and their childcare program. We have loved every single class and the teachers. Parker and Liam have learned so much and are really loved by everyone there. We are blessed to have had the past few years at MC and will forever be grateful for everyone working there!

Each 4 year old got to run out and do a little dance...pretty cute!


Dancing and excited about it!

2 of Parker's teachers...Miss Brandi and Miss Maida

This part got me...I tried to not cry

And she graduated!!!

Of course all her favorites came to see her including Laney, Kip, Aunt Cara, Uncle Landon & Pops



The kids got to play at some of the booths before being pulled away for Dance Rehearsal

Parker's Dance Recital

Parker just wrapped up another year of dance at Dee Ann's. She had so much fun and loved going every week but I think mainly because Lillie was in her class. Since this was her 2nd year she got to do 2 dances in the recital, ballet and tap. She did awesome but I'm not surprised...she likes performing and is never shy!

We are really going to miss Dee Ann's this next year :(

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Necklace Holder

My husband likes to get crafty here and there. I have a armoir for all my jewelry but the necklace part is overloaded and I can't even shut the doors to it. They also get all tangled and we all know that annoying. My neighbor, Rhegan, was having her husband make her a necklace holder for Mother's Day. I had seen some similar ideas on Pinterest so Tanner decided to make me one. He wanted to paint it and make it all fancy but I have been on an "everything white" kick. I love white and how clean it looks. So I kept mine white. I love the way it turned out though I could already use another one because I have several more that won't fit. I like jewelry...

Next project is my scarves. I have several and they are just wrapped around ONE hanger. So off to Pinterest for more ideas. Seriously, what did we do before Pinteres?!?!?!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

House Progress

Since we live in another town we can't drive by our home being built to see the progress. Kinda sad. But, we do get weekly emails from our sales consultant and builder with pictures and the status. We look forward to these every Saturday!
I am going to Austin next week to the design appointments. I will get to pick out everything for the inside (floors, cabinets, countertops, backsplash, knobs/fixtures, etc.). The outside colors, materials, whole look was already pre-done since we got in on this home right before it begin being built. I am excited about picking everything out since we didn't get to do this with our current home. I am also nervous about doing it all in 2 seperate 3 hour appointments. Tanner told me to "have at it" so I am taking my mom and we are making it a little trip. I guess he trusts my taste?? :)


 Week 1
Getting ready for plumbing
Week 2
Plumbing done and getting ready for foundation

Week 3
Foundation done and getting ready for framing


Monday, May 12, 2014

New school

Parker turns 5 in July. We have the option of starting her in school or holding her back for another year. I really think she is ready and so does Tanner so Kindergarten we will start in August!

We took Parker to "Kinder-week" at Scharbauer Elementary last week. We had signed up for the magnet lottery when we thought we were staying in Midland. We got a letter last week that she had been picked for Washington Elementary which is math/science. Knowing that we would be leaving in October/November and she would only get to attend for a few months, we sadly declined. I want a kid that will be there the whole year to be able to take that spot. So since maget was out we enrolled her at our neighborhood school. Back to "Kinder-week"...we showed up and I filled out several papers and then we got a tour of school by the counselor. She was very nice and made us feel comfortable. We will go to "meet the teacher" 2 days before the school starts.

I feel with all the shootings and crazy things going on in the world that I had to ask questions that I wouldn't normally have...sad. I remember the days when our doors opened up to the outside and we left them open when it was hot or cold haha. Now they are on the inside and kept locked with a key.

The Kinder teachers made packets for all the new Kindergarteners so have over the Summer. It included a checklist of things they should know before starting Kinder as well as items to help them practice over the Summer. Parker is not excited at all. You ask her anything about Kindergarten and she bows her head and says "I'm going to miss Lillie". These 2 little girls have no clue all the new friends they are going to meet over their lives. Parker doesn't understand that there will be 6 Kindergarten classes. She actually gets mad and says we don't understand.haha. She is just used to one 4 yr class, one 3yr  class and so on at school. She is in for BIG surprise! But I am excited for her to start something new and learn so many new things! 

But for now I will enjoy my little Pre-k girl :)

Parker & Kylin

Kylin is the grand-daughter of Tanner's dad's all that? These girls are 6 months apart in age but love playing with eachother when they get a chance. Becky took them out for ice cream Saturday night while we were at a birthday party. They had a blast! D is Kylin's big brother that is always so sweet with the little girls and an amazing competitive swimmer I must add:)

Lots of Pool Days ahead...

Our pool just opened in our neighborhood so we have already had several days of swimming with friends and more to come. My daughter has the most amazing skin color (from her dad, def not from me) and she already looks like she has been out in the sun waaaaay too much! I want dark skin that I don't have to work or pay for :)

Wedding, Birthday & Mother's Day

We had a busy weekend but it was busy with FUN things. I let Parker have her best friend spend the night Friday. We went to the Rockhounds Game with my team from work. The weather was perfect and the kids had fun. We ate hot dogs, cake for a co-workers birthday, jumped in the jumpers, ate cotton candy and snow cones and visited with friends from work!
After all the fun the girls crashed but then woke up at 4:45 AAAMMMM fully awake and ready to start the day. After 2 hours of telling them to settle down and go back to sleep I thought forget it and just get up with them! They played all morning and then we headed to the pool for more hours of fun. Both were beyond exhausted the rest of the day and I still don't think Parker is fully rested from it yet.

Saturday evening my mom, Parker and I went to  my cousins wedding at Shack in the Back. It was beautiful and the weather was amazing again. We stayed for a bit and visited with family and then headed home to get the kids situated before Tanner and I went to a birthday party.
Tanner & I went to meet up with friends at the Double Tree Hotel balcony bar (LOVE that place) and celebrated my good friends husband's 30th Birthday!!

Sunday I awoke to the most precious setup by my hubby for Mother's Day. I thought it was so cute and thoughtful. I love being a mommy to my precious babies! I also love my mom and can't wait to celebrate with her today! Happy Mother's Day to all you's the biggest and most rewarding job!!