Sunday, April 27, 2014

April Wrap Up

April was a busy month and I can't really believe May is here in a couple days. Just doesn't seem right. The heat outside is the only thing making it feel somewhat real. And today is beyond gross outside. I could barely even open my front door without a gust of dirt flying in. Sick. But it's Midland and you would think we were used to it by now.

Since we were out of town for Easter we celebrated a couple days early with the cousins. We had pizza, cupcakes and hunted for birds eggs. When all the eggs had been found Laney thought she found one more...nope, it was a dead bird. blah. Love having family around. The kids also had their Easter parties and egg hunts at school.


I got to celebrate 2 beauty's birthdays! Shea & Jenna both had birthdays this month :)

Daddy went out of town on a boys trip so the kiddos and I stayed busy!

I don't know what to do with these girls! They are beyond precious in their cowgirl outfits. Their recital is coming up in a few weeks.

My mom & I met my sweet friend Morgan in San Antonio for a quick girls weekend. Morgan lives in Houston. We went to high school together and her son is my godson. We had a great time catching up, shopping and eating good food.

Onto May...

Monday, April 21, 2014


Back in October we were faced with another tough decision. I say tough lightly...I know there could be tougher decisions and situations. We had just decided to stay in Midland and not move with my company to Houston. We sold our house, bought a new one in Midland and Tanner started a new job. All of this took place in August and September. Right when we thought we were settled Tanner's new company decided they wanted to relocate, as well, but to Austin. At first they said whoever wanted to go can go and who wanted to stay could stay. We decided not to talk about it through the holidays so we wouldn't stress. Around the end of January this year we decided we should start discussing a possible move to Austin. We took a group trip with other coworkers to visit Austin a few weeks ago. I've only been once or twice. The area is beautiful...lots of trees and water (not necessarily lots but more than here) but it still wasn't home. Once we got back Tanner went to his boss saying we would like to stay in Midland. After some consideration it was decided that they need Tanner in Austin. This company is amazing. They have been awesome to Tanner and Tanner is very happy at work which has been a long time coming. So to Austin we go! With a positive attitude...attitude about it could make it or break it, right?

This past weekend we went house hunting. Since we bought a new house in Midland we knew we wanted to build in Austin as well. We found a great neighborhood in Southwest Austin called Circle C Ranch. We will be living in a new area of Circle C called Avana. We found a lot and a plan that we love! I will go this week or next to pick out all the finishes...something we didn't get to do with our current home. Parker starts school in August and will actually have to start in Midland and then restart at her new school in Austin since our tentative completion date for our home is October of this year. I love the new school Parker will go to and is just down the road from our new house. This subdivision has lots of pools and parks and even a new one being built in our little section. I am not going to work when we first move. If you know me then you know this is crazy for me to say. I love to work and love the extra paychecks but I also want to be there for Parker when she goes to school and I want to pick her up each day. Last year was also a big blur with the Houston decision and then this year is going to be crazy so I want to good quality time with my little Liam. I remember when I was little my mom worked so I usually rode a bus or got rides from friends' parents. The days my mom was off and could pick me up I was beyond thrilled. And did I mention daycare there is re-donk-u-lous! I pay $450 here for Liam...there I would be paying about $1,100 for Liam...what??

We are nervous about the move. All we know is Midland for the most part but we are also excited for this new adventure. I know God will get us through it and obviously wants us out of Midland..haha. Who has 2 companies in the same year announce relocations??

This is what our house will looks like...sort of. Same plan but possibly different colors of stone, paint, door etc.

Future casa for our family!

The before

Of course Parker needed a picture with her horse balloon!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Matilda Jane

We I just recently became obsessed with Matilda Jane clothing for little girls. Precious stuff! There are a group of us that have been buying in with the same lady and one of us is Mallory Buck...a popular photographer here in Midland. Mallory's little sister died when she was 2, from cancer. Her parents started the Kelsey Logan Angel Foundation that helps kids/families in the surrounding areas get requests (laptops, ipads, etc.) to help pass the time in the hospital, or help financially or even just grant a wish like a trip. Mallory decided to do a photo shoot of all our girls in their matilda jane clothes and give 100% of the proceeds to this foundation...amazing...that's all I have to say...

Check out her awesome work and our cute babies big girls!

18 months at 21 months

Oops...I forgot Liam's 18 month appointment. I didn't remember until I got a letter in the mail saying he was missing his HepA and DTAP shots. So 3 months later they still wanted him to come in.

He was just a healthy boy...praise God!

32 lbs - 90%
34 inches - 67% (very funny)
head - 19 inches - 81%

We all got a good laugh at his height vs weight. Parker's was always worse.....not even on the chart for height. Liam is above average which is funny on it's own. Both our families are we will take it.

Liam was right on course for everything and did awesome with his shots. Until next time...which is only 3 months away for his 2 year appointment...sad sad

Liam loves "cuckers", taking baths (anything that has to do with water), night night, his momma, bebe's (blankets) and wearing hats. He even likes wrestling with the boys at school. I love my big boy!