Monday, March 3, 2014

Liam at 20 months

This sweet little boy brings so much joy to our family.
He brings cars & airplanes to our little ponies and dolls.
He brings throwing balls to our playing dress-up.
He brings baseball caps to our big bows and headbands.
He does like to push around his sissy's pink stroller :)

I love the boy stuff. Liam is easy. He loves to sleep, you can put anything on him to wear, he eats fairly good and he loves his sissy.

Liam is 20 months today. He is short, chubby, ADORABLE, SNUGGLY and LOVING.

He still has several teeth to come in. They have been steady coming in back to back. He loves loves loves to sleep. You say "night night" and he goes straight to his crib and stands there until you put him in. He doesn't dare try to climb out because he would rather be in bed :) He only takes one nap at school but we still give him 2 on the weekends. He loves food but his favorite is fruit..watermelon, blueberries, grapes, etc. He thinks he needs a "cucker" (sucker) 23 hours out the day. We ask him to say things over and over because let's face it..."Tank Too" (thank you) & "cucker" (sucker) are beyond precious. He says so many words I couldn't even try listing them all. His newest ones: love you, Gunner, Cooper, Abby, ti-tee (sissy), Laney, Kip, Cara, Landon, BB (blanket), mi (milk), George Bush (lol), etc. He still signs: more, please and all done. He could play with books and balls all day. His favorite place to be, besides his bed, is outside. Loves to get dirty but then wants it off of him...go figure. Has crazy curly hair like his sissy and a big gap between his front teeth that he got from me. Loves to play cars with dada in his playroom.

Baby boy, you complete our little family and I'm so glad God blessed us as your parents!

Eventhough you probably can't tell...he just got a fresh haircut by Mommy & Daddy
Busted with sissy's snack
When you get busted just offer some up!
Riding sissy's scooter
Def gets his good looks from his Daddy!!
Love his sissy...they are really starting to play a lot with eachother
Love you sweet boy!!
Loves to smile and say cheese for the camera
That curly, crazy hair!