Friday, February 28, 2014

30th Birthday!

I had the best time celebrating my 30th birthday. Mainly because I got to spend it with my family and best friends. I am also thankful to just be living another year. I am excited about my 30's!! I think a lot of amazing things are going to happen over these  next 10 years.

We started off the celebrations in Vegas!! I've only been once before and that was for my 21st birthday. This time around it was much different in a better way ;)


Tanner found out a day before we left that he was going to HAVE to stay behind the first part and work. Normally I would have been so upset and he wouldn't have stayed BUT his company has been working so hard because they are about to go public and I know they really needed him. Since he didn't get to be there when we arrived he had flowers, champagne and a beautiful cake waiting in my room :) Love that man...

As soon as I found out Brit was going to be in Vegas I immediately bought tickets. Surprisingly they were amazing seats. I am so sad I don't have a group picture of us girls at the concert. They take one of you there but I never went and picked it up afterwards.
The concert was beyond AMAZING! I love Britney songs and we danced the entire time.

Jenna taught us girls how to play black jack and we played the night after Britney and we all won some money!!! So much fun!
My first ever name brand handbag!!!!! 

Birthday celebrations continued when we got home. Dinner with the family and entertainment from Parker and Laney.

I love love love my friends!

Here is to turning a new decade older! I hope and pray that God blesses my next 10 years!


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine Pictures

Our neighbor across the street bought a new camera for Christmas. She thought she would dive in head first and offer Valentine Mini's. I love helping new businesses so I told her she could snap some of my kiddos.

Parker was all girl. Sat and posed the whole time. She smiled pretty and really did whatever we wanted and more! Our little Liam, on the other hand, is all boy! He was eating all the candy, kicking the candy, stomping on the props, hitting the props...anything was sitting and smiling. So a picture of them together was impossible but she did get some awesome single ones!


Jensen & Deacon turn 4

These boys have been having their parties together for the past couple of years. It works out great since their birthdays are so close and they have a lot of the same friend.

Happy Birthday Boys!!

Cousin Sleepover

We let Laney stay the night with us a few weeks back and told Kip he would get to next time. We decided a couple weeks ago to let Kip stay with us but couldn't NOT invite Laney too since she reallly undestands what is going on.

So we had all 4 little ones and it was nuts but so much fun. I love the fun the kids get to have with their cousins. They played together, ate together, boxed together, slept together (mius Liam) and then the next morning we all went and got donuts, painted and then bathed. whew...

They also had some fun at Laney & Kips with Laney's new Kareoke machine.


Beautiful day!

We have had some unreal WARM days...ha...I am writing this when it's 17 degrees outside. Our neighbors called us up and we went on a stroll to our neighborhood park. Glad to have lots of neighbor friends!