Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas wrap up

This year's Christmas wasn't as crazy as it can normally get. My husband and I have many conversations throughout the holidays asking why the holidays are so stressful when it should be a time of rejoicing! I feel we (including myself) put so much time and money into presents for several people that we can stressed and lose the real meaning. I LOVE giving gifts so I do this to myself mainly. We are also blessed to live near all our family so we get to have many Christmas celebrations..

 My husband, the elf. The kids loved it!

 Parker is very dramatic and her face expressions say it all.

Picture time before Church service.

Bad mommy forgot to buy cookies or cookies to make. Marshmallows and graham crackers will do.

Tanner's idea of a gift AFTER Christmas...geeez

He is so stinking cute though!

About to feed the reindeer

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sesame Street Live!

Cara and Landon called us last weekend and invited us to Sesame Street Live! in Odessa. The kids loved it! I wasn't sure at first since Parker can't sit through a movie and Liam is a little young but Liam sat in someone's lap most of the time and didn't get restless until the end. Parker and Laney danced the whole time!

A start to Christmas

Putting the star on the tree. Our poor tree has no ornaments about half way down. Liam is VERY interested in ornaments this year :( Thankfully they make non breakable ones now.
 Letter back from Santa!
 She was SO EXCITED!
 We rolled up her first letter to Santa and put it in an ornament and put the year on it. Got the idea from Pinterest but it looks nothing like the Pinterest pic...go figure!
 Santa came to the kids school and wrote a letter to each 4 year old.
 Claire looks so excited in this pic..
 They were all anxiously waiting for their name to be called
 Parkers class with Santa
 Party time
Liams class with Santa
  Took some convincing to try the brownies and when he tried it he would not stop!
 Teddy Bear from Mrs Haydee :)
 Ugly sweater party at the Lambs. T was an Elf and mine said "Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal" 
 Parker got a bear from Mrs Haydee too
 Dancing with Santa Clause at Great Grandpas

Learning the Letter E

This past week we learned the letter E and our bible verse is "Everything that has breath Praise the Lord" - Psalm 150:6

Both ideas I got from my friend Sommer's page here. We started with an Elephant hand craft

 Then we made our sticker for Parker's bedroom door

 Our chalkboard for the kitchen so all of us are reminded daily!
We also learned the fun song from Sommer's page...check it out! It has a fun beat and easy lyrics to memorize!

On to letter F