Thursday, November 14, 2013

Daddy Daughter Trip

Tanner decided he wanted to take Parker on a quick overnight trip so they headed allll the way to Odessa ;) Tanner & Parker stayed at the MCM Elegante Fun Dome. Not the nicest hotel but it had an indoor pool, huge jungle gym and putt putt. They left at lunch on Friday and went to eat together, went shopping at the mall and then headed to the hotel. Tanner let Parker decide what they would do the whole trip and she did just that! She had so much fun eventhough I was thinking she might miss her mommy or get sad at night time...she has become a huge mommy's girl lately. But she enjoyed daddy's full attention for the night.

Brother & I got some time together as well ;)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Houston trip!

Last Friday Parker & I headed to the airport for an early early flight to Houston. We headed there to see my good friend from highschool and my precious Godson. I am so thankful for this sweet boy & his momma. I am so proud of the little boy he is and how awesome and hard working his mom is to provide an awesome life for him. He was born one month after Parker. They get along really well and I loved hearing them come up with their own games and their giggles. I've come to the conclusion that Parker plays much better with boys. When you get 2 girls together you hear nothing but whining, tattleing, crying and bickering. Her & Caelon, for the most part, played so well together without any of that! Morgan & I were also able to catch eachother up, talk about old highschool stories and just enjoy eachother and eachothers kids. I love them both so much and so happy for this trip!

Some fun in that car after church

My sweet kids!
Dinner at Bennihana's!

We got to watch Caelon play his soccer gam on Saturday!
Caelon wants to be a firefighter when he grows up
We also got one night to spend with an old coworker and ate at Lupe's

We went to city center one night and it was beautiful. Lots of fun shops, restaurants and this big area for the kids to just run & play!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Halloween this year didn't have much thought put into it. I really just bought easy & cheap costumes a couple months ago from TJ MAXX...Parker doesn't watch cartoons so she has no idea about any characters to say what she wants to be so I still just pick something for her. For Liam I went for comfort knowing it would probably be hot & it was!
A few night before Halloween we got to "Boo" our neighbors. We had a neighbor boo us before. Basically a neighbor gets a couple gifts and sneaks over to another house and lays it on their porch and gives them a sign to post on their door saying they have been booed. Then that person has to do the same for 2 neighbors. Our whole neighborhood has a sign on their door before Halloween. I love that we have lots of young families that play along! Parker thought it was so fun being sneaky!
Parker had a Halloween party at dance class.
Her and Liam school is Midland College so on Halloween day the parents come up and we go trick or treating around all the departments on campus. After that we were already exhausted but we had some time left before going to Tanner's Nana's so we stopped by my work to let my co-workers see their costumes & trick or treat.  Tanner's Nasna always makes fun, yummy treats for the kids so of course we stopped by there. We also stopped by my moms to trick or treat there. Whew....long night...


Loads of candy but I loaded them up and brought it to work.
Parker and I also spent the week before stuffing our bags for our trick or treaters and putting fun bible verses on each one to hopefully spread the gospel. After all the fun we had on Halloween we made it back to our house before dark and set outside in lawnchairs with our neighbors and we got to hand them out!

Happy Halloween!