Friday, October 25, 2013

Learning letter C

This week we are learning the letter C. Our bible verse for C is:

A Cheerful heart is good medicine. - Proverbs 17:22.

This is such a good one...I probably say that about a lot of them though. Everyone has been around those grumpy people who just seem to be negative about everything...I mean, we all have our moments. What if we looked at everything and everyone with a cheerful attitude? What if someone was having a bad day but seeing a cheerful attitude on someone else could cheer them up to? It's fun to break down verses and really think about them.

We started with our bright chalkboard and verse for Parker's door.

We then did some crafts that start with a C. Catapillar & Crab

We also ate some Cookies and played outside in our Catapillar.

We have a trend now. When we started letter B Parker would still be talking about letter A so she wasn't fully engaged in B. Now that we are on C she only talks about B and that is being thankful. It's fun hearing her come up to us out of the blue and say she is thankful for something...I love that God is stiring this into her heart!

Letter D up next : -)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Airsho & Nana's Birthday

We celebrated my moms birthday last week over dinner, drinks and cake. We made it a girls evening since little man goes to bed so early. Parker and I met my mom and her best friend at Olive Garden.

Parker and I baked a chocolate cake for her the night before. She enjoyed some both nights ;)
Love my momma! Happy Birthday!!

Saturday we went to the airsho. It actually got pretty hot :( But the show was really cool and it was even more cool since we got to go with family & eat sno cones!


Monday, October 14, 2013

Learning letter B

Letter B
Be thankful in all things - 1 Thesselonians 5:18

I first started out by asking Parker some of the things she is thankful for. It took her awhile to come up with things but once she started she didn't want to stop. Here are a few things Parker is thankful for...

We decided to show our thankfulness by writing letters. Parker wanted to write to 8 different people buy after the 2nd letter she was tired haha. She asked me this morning if she could write some more after school :) Last night she wrote a letter to her friends Lillie & Reagan and took the letters to them today at school and was beyond excited. I was so proud of her! She did so good writing out each letter. This also gave me a chance to show her how to write an letter with the persons name and a commma and so on.
I taught Parker a simple BIBLE song and she caught on to that quick. I tried uploading here but wouldn't work for me :(
We listed off several things that started with a B and we made a Bumble Bee. I found a picture online and sat it by her and she made her own...pretty good ;) HA
We also put our THANKFUL sign up in our house!

Learning letter A

My friend, Sommer, started this awesome project with her daughter last year and documented the whole thing on her blog. She started with the letter A and went through Z teachering her daughter a bible verse with each letter. You can view all her ideas and where she got ideas here. I loved reading her blogs and loved how much this was teaching even myself. Parker, at the time, I didn't feel was old enough. Now that she has turned 4 and can work on projects for longer periods of time and can memorize things I started our ABC Scriptures!

I used the mainly the same set of scriptures as Sommer did. I love that they are shorter yet are so important in our everyday lives! I decided to teach Parker a new one each Sunday and work with her on it throughout the week.

Learning A
As for me and my house we will serve the Lord - Joshua 24:15

I posted this in my kitchen as a reminder to all of us.

I also am making one for each letter and taping it to her door as a constant reminder to Parker (also got this idea from Sommer)

We made houses our of pipe cleaners and decorated them.

We put together a house puzzle.

And eventhough we have moved onto Letter B, Parker is still asking for me to help her make a house to decorate :)

Next up is Letter B...

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Liam -- 15 Months

Liam will be 15 months tomorrow. He started the toddler class yesterday and had a great first day. Some of his buddies were already in there so I think he was happy to get in there and play with them rather than sit on the little babies in the baby class. We LOVED his teachers in the baby room and hope we have the same feeling about the toddler room. This is the only room we haven't experienced since Parker started there in the 2 year old room.

Liam still only has 6 teeth...3 on top and 3 on bottom. I think the 4th on bottom is making it's way in. It's really scaring me that all these teeth are going to want to come in at once...doesn't sound fun at all. Liam is a busy busy boy. He LOVES books. His teachers said he would always grab a book and go to the corner area, sit down and look through books. He could do this all day. He especially loves books with animals...but all animals are DOGS! He is learning to be very nice to his own dogs. Every once in awhile you will catch him dagging Cooper through the house but not as often now. Sweet Cooper just lets him do it. Abby hawls tail when she even sees him girl :) Liam also loves to be outside! He will cry and cry to go outside and then once out he will cry and cry when we make him come in. We are really enjoying our new clean backyard where the kids can really run and play.He is your typical boy with constant scabs and scrapes on his head. He knows how to shake his finger and tell you "No-No". It's so cute that when I say it he just laughs because I am always asking him to say it :) He is pretty shy to strangers. He is very different than Parker at this age. She would smile and gabber to anyone. He is very standoff-ish and will only gives smiles to those he knows. He loves to run to Tanner and I and give us a big hug and kiss...please don't ever stop baby boy! As soon as he sees us at daycare he starts waving bye-bye. He likes going but he really likes leaving. He started sliding all by himself the other evening which is really nice. He is a really picky eater for us right now. He eats great at school but will only eat fruit for us. He loves his milk but really loves to find Parker's laying around on the days she has strawberry or chocolate milk...jackpot! He still goes to bed really early, 6:45. We have tried a couple nights pushing it back but he is very whiney. In the toddler class they started sleeping on a mat. I have no idea how they get a 15 month old to stay on a mat but they do. I don't think he is sleeping great though since he is pretty fussy at night. It might be his teeth too. He loves to smile and laugh and entertain us. He is a funny little guy and really looks up to his big sister. He adjusted great to his new bedroom which was a fear of mine. Also, funny mom is the main babysitter if we go out of town or whatever. So most of the time when he goes to her house he thinks we are leaving him so as soon as he makes contact with her he's so funny to us but makes my mom she is the bad guy. ha! One day he will love it just like Parker does.
Liam at Parker's dance class the other night..he wanted to participate...his daddy would not have been happy!
Love this big tooth grin
 I'm sad my baby is growing up but he is also starting some of my favorite things like kisses, hugs, belly laughs, old man drunk walks and funny sounds. We love you baby boy!

Parker - age 4

I realized I haven't updated about my kiddos except for the normal activities going on, etc.

I'll start with our little firecracker Parker. This little girl is full of life and words :) Tanner always says she doesn't need food or sleep and can just keep going all day. He asked me the other day how long he thinks Parker could make it if we just didn't make her go to bed at night. I don't know where she gets this never ending energy but I want some.


Parker started the 4 year old class in September and is doing really good. They move their whole class up at the same time so that makes it nice for all the kids. One of her teachers this year is pretty strict in a way that I think is awesome to help prepare her for kindergarten. The sign their name in each morning and she is really perfecting that. She is our lefty so the handwriting isn't too neat but definitelty readable. They recite the pledge of allegiance as well as the Texas pledge. I love hearing her say it and the words she thinks they are saying...I still say words wrong like garbage disposler and pepto-bismo! ha. I don't even know what she can count to...she just keeps going and going. She is starting to spell out and words she sees around town and memorizes it for later. She loves to spell S-T-O-P and then follows it up with G-O. She always spells out NETFLIX when we turn on Daniel Tiger. She has turned her obsession from Barney to Daniel Tiger...thanks goodness. After awhile you just can't get Barney songs out of your head. And I really enjoy the fun sayings she gets from Daniel Tiger about sharing and keep trying. She weighs 36.6 lbs and is 37 inches tall. She loves to get on the scale and have us measure her. She loves sleeveless shirts and many mornings it's a battle if I lay out anything other than that. I'm trying to tell her she won't get to wear those when it gets cold but she replies with "yes, I can...I'll just wear a jacket over it". Yep, she is her momm's kid! I feel bad that almost every picture he hair is a mess. Mine was the same way...the curls are hard to tame when you play as hard as she does. She loves her new room...especially her dress up corner. I will have to post turned out so cute! She is loving dance class and has all the same girls in her class and the same teacher as last year. Since this is their 2nd year she gets to do 2 dances at recital, tap and ballet. She has been amazing big sister but that doesn't mean they don't have their moments. They are really starting to play good witheachother. They love to run in Liam's room and hide behind his chest. They also love for me to chase them into my closet and play monster. Every morning they go straight for my bathtub and turn the water on and off...I have no idea why that is so fun! (I have a couple really cute pictures of them hiding but they won't upload :( )

 Parker loves to ask questions and is really smart but I know everyone thinks that about their kids. Her birthday falls in July so next school year we can either start her or hold her back a year. I've heard positives and negatives about both. I think she is/will be ready for kindergarten next year and if for some reason she needs to repeat another year she can do that. She is a momma's girl! She wants me to do everything for her and with her. This makes Tanner sad but I don't think it has anything to do with him...I was the exact same way with my mom...I cried anytime she left me and she is my best friend today! I hope Parker and I have that relationship when she is older. Parker is not shy and knows no stranger. She will talk to anyone, loves attention (eeek!), and can entertain a crowd.

We love you Parker Lea!