Thursday, September 26, 2013

Beginning of Fall

This last week has been a whirlwind. We moved in, lived out of several boxes, I left for a girls trip and now we are slowly unboxing everything. It's easy to get overwhelmed. All new different wall spaces so I don't know where I want things to go.
We did get a new entertainment center for the Living Room. This is probably my favorite piece of furniture ever...I just have no idea what to put on it. I have been exchanging things the past few days and can't seem to settle on any particular item in a certain spot. Sorry for the sun glare..

I also put our red cabinet in the entry way with this fun mirror but as you can tell...I don't have decor for it either...I'm!
I also started on a new project for Parker's room. Her last room had a sticker decal for her name so I needed something new. I decided to just paint wooden letters with a weathered look for her wall.
The start..

During this decorating time and our crazy work/social life we got to go with some of our COM group to the Sonshine Home and help watch kids of families that are homeless but attend training classes to help them get back on their feet. LOVED this time with these precious kids. I spotted a precious little 15 month old girl (same age as Liam) and was hooked. I loved holding her and singing to her. It was so rewarding!
We also have spent the last few evenings in the backyard. I love West Texas Fall nights...gorgeous weather and sunsets. Goofy kids make it a plus too!

I also finally sat down and planned my 30th birthday VEGAS trip!! It's a few months out but I wanted to get it booked! I even bought these little jewels for me, my mom, SIL and bestie! I am so excited to see you BRIT! Please don't cancel on me like you did last time...


Monday, September 23, 2013

GIRLS Weekend

Love Love Love my time with the girls! I always come back refreshed and recharged!
There were 9 of us total with 1 extra on Saturday evening. Jenna, Megan and I drove down Friday morning. We stopped at La Cantera to eat, shop, get pedis and have girl time! We got so many fun things and it was drizzling so it was perfect weather. I even ate at PF Changs for my first time...I know I know...a little late on its amazingness!
We met up with the rest of the girls later that evening and went to dinner and have drinks. We spent Saturday shopping again at a new mall and even snuck in an afternoon NAP! Much needed...
That night we had dinner on the River Walk and sang our hearts out at How at the fun bar if you have never been you need to try it out! They sing a variety of songs and you can even request songs for them to play.
It's always fun to get away for the weekend with friends but it's also fun to get home to my sweet family :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

All moved in!

We finally moved into our new home!

We closed on both homes last Thursday. I went into closing fully expecting to cry. I cried last time...not because I was sad about leaving our home but mad that the buyers funding was going very slow. But this time everything went fast and smooth.Tanner and I had Thursday off so we closed on our homes and started moving some things ourselves and went and bought new couches. We go through couches pretty fast. We never buy "good" couches because of the kids and they get kinda worn down from the kids and dogs. So we don't mind buying cheaper couches every couple of years.

Saturday the movers came and went in 3 hours! Affordable them if you ever move...they are AMAZING! We worked hard on Saturday and Sunday getting as much organized as we can. So much to do! Thankfully between my mom, my friend Jenna and Cara + Landon we had lots of time for Tanner & I to get down and dirty on our old house and get it ready for the buyer.

We decided last night we would take the evening off from house stuff and just play with the kids. I feel like we have been telling them "not now", "later" or "we dont have time right now, Mommy & Daddy have to work on the house". Poor Parker...all she wanted was to play in the backyard so last night we did just that! It even rained...perfect evening. We also have our neighbors walk over..Jennifer, Camryn and Cohen. There are tons of young families with young kids in the neighborhood so we are excited about that.

Everything that is suposed to be set up is set up and working. PTL! Now it's just getting into a groove in the new house and learning all the dang light switches..ha!
I am headed to San Antonio with the girls this weekend so house stuff will just have to wait :)

Brother helping water the grass ;)

Our sweet darling Parker has wanted to play in the backyard since Saturday. Finally the day we let her she was a bad girl on the way home so got that taken away from her :(

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Boys take a little road trip

This past weekend the boys took a weekend trip to Dallas and even took the little boys with them + their dad :) So the 5 of them loaded up Friday morning & they were off!
The last 2 trips I have taken with Liam were a big huge nightmare. Both times he was fussy, irritable, sick & no fun at all! So I was a little very surprised they wanted to take the little ones. Liam and his cousin Kip are 1 1/2 years apart. Kip usually plays very well with Parker but now we know him and Liam play well together too because they had a great time.
Love these cuties..

Tanner said Liam was so good on the trip (he could be lying to me, who knows?) He rode great in the car & even stayed up way past his bedtime! Night time was a little difficult. At home he is used to us putting him in bed, turning off the light and then shutting the door. Well when you stick him in his pack n play and he can see you right there on the bed of course he wants to get out. Tanner said they put him in bed with him and Pops and Liam had Pops laughing through out the night...ha! The went to Top Golf and then they went to a Rangers game where us girls scored some fun gifts!
The rest of the time was spent lounging in the hotel room while the kids had a blast just playing together in the room. They also got to hit up the pool which Im sure was the highlight of our water loving baby boy.

I got a great laugh when Tanner sent me this pic...oh boys ;) My little one has a powerful stream

I love that the daddies wanted to take their sons on a weekend trip. I love that Tanner & Landons dad got to go along. I love that this allowed Parker & I to have a mommy + daughter post :)