Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Parker starts "Pre-K" & house is almost finished!!

At Midland College the 4 year old class isn't a huge difference from the 3 year old class but we still thought it was fun and would take a picture of the first day. All the kids from her 3 year old class move up with her so that makes the transition easy and she already knew the teachers from seeing them every day. It is sad seeing her in the last class of the hallway which means her last year at MC. 

  The only kind of pictures I get these days...full on cheesin..
House update!
We went by last night and they have our shutters on
Carpet installed
All the drawers and mirrors in place in the bathrooms
Appliances installed
and a lady was there cleaning everything!
It should be done on 9/ stinking excited!!
All that is really left is touchups & landscaping.
I have been slighty obsessed with Pinterest lately. I want to redo every single room. This is our bedding we just got in for our Master Bedroom!
This guy...

Gotta love him. I call him T-bag by the way :)


Monday, August 26, 2013


Friday was a first for Parker and I see MANY more in our future. Friday night she had her first friend sleepover. Granted she has stayed with family and even a friend while we were out of town. But this was her first sleepover just to have a sleepover at the age of 4. This is the same age I was when I spent the night for the first time with my best friend at the time :)
Lillie & Parker are BFF's and fight just like sisters. When they are together they get so giddy and I love to see their excitement. Friday night Lille came to our house for a slumber party. It poured for a few minutes just as they were pulling up. So after we ate pizza the girls headed outside to play on the wet trampoline. These girls were in heaven!! They stayed in the backyard getting wet and muddy for hours...until it was dark! I made them come in and take a bath and get ready for bed. Tanner built a fun canopy/tent thing about Parkers bed and they thought it was the coolest thing ever!!
Our first sleepover was a success and so happy Parker has a best friend who she loves to spend time with & also in the same class at school & dance.

Saturday we went to a friends' daughters birthday party. It was pajama & pancake party and of course my daughter would not wear her pajamas! She didn't get why she would and is always in a hurry in the mornings to get dressed in clothes.
After the party we met daddy & Liam at the mall. They were buying matching hats. They look so cute these boys! Tanner, Liam, Tanner's brother, Kip (our nephew) and Tanner's dad are headed to Dallas this weekend for a boys trip. I think this is such a fun idea and excited for the memories they will make!

I tried uploading apic of the boys in their matching hats but it's not letting me...I hope I haven't exceeded my picture limit :(

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New things...

Yesterday I shed a few tears and a few laughs at myself for getting so worked up. My "old" boss called me yesterday to transition everything over to the new admin for the finance team :( Though I am very excited to be staying in Midland, it was still sad hearing "ok Jodi, you are all moved out of the finance team". I started at COP in July of 2006 as a finance the past 7 years I have done the same job for the same manager. I LOVED my job and LOVED my boss and felt extremely blessed to be one of the few who can say I love my job and love going to work. So it was sad for me to see that come to an end. I cried. But then quickly gathered myself and thought how blessed I am to be able to stay in Midland, stay at COP and learn something new. I will be working for the Projects team as their assistant and start in September.
On to new things.
Speaking of new things...we are currently getting a new roof. We knew it was pretty bad so it wasn't surprising when the inspector said it was bad and the buyers asked for a new one. But while the adjustor was out he said he would help us out a little and was able to claim over items that received hail damage so we were able to make some money off the process while giving the new owner a new roof.
Our new house is becoming very bare while we pack up. We drive by our new house daily to see what else had been done that day ;) So far we have gotten to see them stain the cabinets, put up the fence, begin the landscaping, and paint the walls. Since we came into this process late we didn't get to see the whole build. I have become a Pinterest Addict. I love looking at all the decor possibilities. A girl can dream right?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

House update

The last couple weeks have been nothing short of crazy!! We ended up extending our option period for our current home since the buyer asked for a new roof and we had to wait until our roofer came back into town. The option period was up yesterday and we still have a buy. BUT we also have to get a new roof. This is the 2nd home we will be putting a new roof on as we are leaving. Luckily the insurance company is paying for it since we had a hail storm that did it in a few weeks back. We still plan to close on September 13th.
I was off all last week with the kiddos so I took that time to box of many things since I knew working all day and then hanging with the family at night wouldn't leave a whole lot of time for boxing. I got about 20 boxes done and you really can't tell haha. It's amazing how much "stuff" we have! Now that all the wall decorations are gone our house looks blah and it's kind of depressing :( So we are trying to stay out of the house more! 
Our new home is still on schedule and should be finished here in a couple weeks. We drive by it everyday because we are so excited! They started outlining the area for landscaping and just put in the concrete sidewalks and porches. They have also started painting the trim inside. I seem to live on Pinterest these days trying to come up with plans for the new home. I love to decorate so this makes me really excited.
Here are a couple pics of our home in progress...

Parker's room that she picked out. It is smaller than the other bedroom but we told her she could pick and she picked this one!

I am standing in the Living Room area looking into the kitchen

 I am in the Entry/Dining Room looking into the Living Room

Lots of work to do but we are so thankful for this house and for all the workers making it possible!! They are much appreciated!!

{Recipe} Chicken Sandwich Snackers

I really dont know the exact name for these so I gave it my own. It really should be called 
The best thing you have ever eaten!

These little sandwich things are delicious! A friend posted the recipe the other day and it sounded really easy to make and I like easy. I also like crockpot meals. Hope you enjoy these as much as my family did. We even had them for leftovers 3 times!!

4 lbs boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 bottle buffalo sauce (your choice)
1 packet of ranch seasoning 
Hawaiian rolls (I used just regular rolls)
6 slices of swiss cheese (I used grated cheddar cheese)

Please the chicken into the crockpot. Combine the buffalo sauce and ranch in a separate bowl then pour on top of chicken. Cook on high for 6 hours. Shred and serve how you like!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hello 3AM...

Its 3am here in Ruidoso so really 4amin Midland...yikes. There isn't one sound right now, except the sound of me slamming my keys on my keyboard (thanks to my awesome new life proof phone cover -I hate it) so that is why it makes this ok. Today has been a little crazy in the chaotic, crazy, sickly kid department. Liam has either bad allergies here or pink eye so we are treating him for both. He was very unhappy today and Parker didn't get good sleep so she was...well...Parker and she's pedal to the medal no matter how much sleep but with an extra side of bossiness ;) the weather is ridiculously cool, my husband is basically the best partner with helping me with the kids and we are on vacation so I will just sit and think about how grateful I am for these few, and very late, minutes of quiet time to catch up with myself. Tomorrow I'm praying my baby boy wakes up a new kid!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

New House!

God is good and so faithful! After our whirlwind adventure of thinking we were moving to Houston God has provided for us to stay in Midland!! Yay!!!!
Tanner is going to work for Parsley Energy and starts next week. He is so excited about this new chapter. I am blessed to be able to stay with ConocoPhillips as they were able to find me a position that is staying in Midland. 
When we put our house on the market a couple weeks ago we had 4 offers in the first day. So after backing out of selling since we weren't going to Houston we decided to go ahead and sell since we have been wanting a little extra room. And we knew we could sell it :) our realtor was able to call the previous buyers back and luckily one was still interested and put a contract on it that day!! Another blessing since we didn't have to go through the whole process again!!! Some friends have recently built out in a new subdivision, by Stonegate church, called Heritage Oaks. Mark Payne is one of the builders and they are also getting a clubhouse and pool identical to Woodland Park. How perfect?!?!? They had 2 in the process of building and one would be ready in 45 days. So after looking at it we put a contract on it!!! Yay!!! We are beyond excited!! I love that so many friends live in the area that have kids and we will have a fun community pool just down the street. This is also our first "new" home so we are giddy! Gods plans are always better even though we thought we were doing his will by moving to Houston but realize we went through that process to get us to these positions!!! 
Here is a little look at our new house. The inside still has lots to do and the front still needs painting, sidewalk, grass, bushes, etc. So excited to see the final!!