Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Growing up...

My sweet little boy is growing up so fast. I remember holding him when he was first born and telling myself to remember these certain moments. At the time I thought it would be easy but now that almost a whole year has gone by I can't remember :( Makes me so sad! I do love that his personality is shining through and he makes the funniest faces that keep us laughing!
Some daddy whisker tickling

Not a fan of being a cowboy :)

These next 2 pics crack me up. Liam never closes his mouth...and his tongue is always right there on the edge.

 Melt my heart

Bed head

Parker loves to help wake up brother and probably wakes the whole neighborhood while doing it...she pretty much SCREAMS good morning!

 Morning game of pick-a-boo

Little baby just woke up

 Parker wanted him to take a picture with her bear

This boy loves being in water...hot or cold!

Working on his tan..

Lazy mutt #1

Lazy mutt #2

Every morning when Abby realizes we are about to leave for work and we will be putting her and Cooper outside...she makes her way to Parker's bed and curls up in blankets. Pretty smart I would say...she looks pretty cute to move. Now it's just funny....every morning...same routine. Is she thinking we will just give in one day?? Love our little doggies..

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Parker's 1st Dance Recital

I am pretty sure I witnessed the cutest thing I have ever seen today. All the little girls at the dance recital were PRECIOUS! Something about little girls in little fluffy tutu's, chubby little legs, white ruffle socks, tap shoes with big bows, hair all curled with so much excitement is absolutely precious. 
All the girls did so good. I was proud of all the little ones that were doing it for their first time and I loved seeing a few dances of veterans and girls on their 2nd and 3rd year (maybe longer).

They had dress rehearsal the night before so Parker talked non stop about it Friday night and Saturday morning. She even gave me a pep talk on the way to recital letting me know that the room we sit in was going to be "just a little bit dark and that I didn't have to be scared"...ha! She was especially excited that her Nana, Papa, Gigi, Great Grandma, Pops, Cara, Landon, Laney & Kip were all coming to see her! And of course mommy, daddy and brother but we got the back burner ;)

Parker did so good!! I am so proud of our little girl. She really surprised me. I was thinking I was going to see a little curly haired girl being shy, not knowing what to do and looking off at the teacher...like most 1st year dancers..haha. NOPE! All the girls did awesome!! She was so happy to see me afterwards and tell me all about the finale. The finale they all walk out onto the stage, class by class, holding their flowers. Then the dance instructors, owners, helpers walk out and all the girls wave and say bye and then the "cards" shut (curtains). Parker walked me through that procedure a million times so I guess she was really excited about that part. This dance studio is amazing. I loved every year there and I am so happy Parker got to experience it as well.

And here are pictures of our little boogie baby!

 Of course she is standing next to her bestie :)

I love these girls! I'm sad we missed Elizabeth. 
The 2 on the right fight like sisters but are obsessed with eachother!!! Cute but scary at the same time...it starts so young haha!

Their cuteness is unreal!!

So proud of our little girl!

Dance pictures

Miss Taylor is Parker's teacher. I grew up with Taylor in the dance studio and her mom is the owner of the dance studio. Even though it makes me feel super old I love having Taylor as Parker's teacher. She loves these kids and they love her. Parker and I are constantly playing "Miss Taylor and Miss Kelsey" as we dance in the living room. Thank you Taylor for loving my little girl and teaching her the beginning of her dance life!! I'm really sad we won't be there next year :( 

Miss Kelsey is a senior this year and student teaches Parker's class with Miss Taylor. She is an amazing teacher and dancer and I give her huge props since I know working with that many kids can't be easy. Parker adores Miss Kelsey and I am so thankful we had a full year with with her.

Thank you Dee Ann's Studio for a wonderful first year of dance!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to my wonderful mom. My mom has always been my best friend. We talk every single day. I am happy when she is happy and sad when she is sad. I have a soft spot for my mom and dad. Not only is she a wonferul mom but she is an awesome Nana to our kids. I don't know what I am going to do after we move and not see eachother every week :( For now I will cherrish every moment we spend together.

Last night my mom & niece came to church with us and then we had a fancy little meal at Rosas :)


The other joy about Mother's Day is knowing I have 2 amazing little kids & husband. I love my kids and their personalities. I love not sleeping in on the weekends and being woke up by a little girl kissing my cheek. I love picking up all their toys over and over again every day. I l ove watching them sleep. I love to hear "I love you momma" from Parker. I love when Liam says "mama". I love picking out their clothes every night and getting things ready for school the next day. I love watching them play together in the bath tub every night and laughing so hard! I love everything about being a mom & thank God for my sweet little beauties.

Tanner is never good at holding onto gifts. They just sit there and torture him so I always end up opening my gifts, for any occasion, early. Saturday evening I decided to open my Mother's Day gift. I knew he had been working on something but never imagined this.

A photo box & an accordian book for my sweet family! Tanner knows I love my kids & love pictures so he couldn't go wrong. He went and bought their outfits, lined up a photographer, had my mom take me to dinner, managed to make Parker keep quiet, & ordered them! I am so impressed and amazed at all the work he did.
I love every single picture. I love how they aren't perfectly matched, Parker's hair isn't fixed how I would normally fix it, and how my husbands handwriting isn't the best. But all those make it the best present I have received!! I love the inperfection of the details because my little babies are perfect!!

 Parker had to throw in her "teapot" pose =)
 haha, I love that the sign is almost as big as Liam

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies, soon to be mommies, & trying mommies. It's not only about being a mom. It's about being the women God put us here for. We were put here to be more and do more than being a mommy. Pastor Patrick gave a wonderful sermon yesterday on this. I will share more later.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


We have a crawler on our hands! Little man started crawling a few days ago and now he is really on the move. He is just a little shy of his 10 month birthday. He is a little slow and gets tired pretty easily so he just takes a quick break and goes back at it. He loves opening cabinet doors and pulling things out at school so I guess we will have to start child proofing everything again. So proud of my chunky little guy!