Monday, April 29, 2013

Parker's 1st Bible Verse

At church, each Sunday, Parker's class learns bible verses. Her latest one she has been praticing so hard at. The week before last they said she did good but wasn't quite there. This past Sunday she woke up saying her bible verse. She was really excited about it! When we picked her up from class she was smiling ear to ear because she earned her Ring Pop! She was able to say her bible verse not only once but 20 times...haha. This totally sounds like my child...doesn't...stop...talking :)

So proud of our little girl! It's amazing the things these kids remember. The song on air 1 about a ship in the night came on Saturday and she just busted out singing it. They really do listen to the songs playing in the car.

"Let me give you a new command: Love one another. In the same way I loved you, you love one another."
John 13:34

Parker wanted a picture with her bible :)

Friday, April 26, 2013


This little girl is growing up extremely fast. She is learning so much at school, loving her time at dance class, has a personality completely opposite of mine at this age and has crazy amounts of energy!
Parker is an amazing big sister to Liam. She loves to wake him up in the mornings with us, plays with him on the floor and likes for him to play in her room. They even take baths with eachother now and they both LOVE it. Parker can get Liam to laugh so loud!

At school they have been practicing writing their names. They all have to sign in each morning. She has gotten really good at it. She can recognize all letters though she still gets M & W confused. She also knows how to spell BIBLE, GOD & LILLIE . I've come to realize that if you make any word into a song she will learn to spell it haha. We have been attending Stonegate for awhile now and she really enjoys her class. She came home 2 weeks ago singing "Give your heart to Jesus" with the hand precious! She has become quite the cuddler. She always wants to get blankets and cuddle on the couch while eaither watching the first Narnia or the 3rd one. In school we had to read, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and I never thought anything of it except for it was wierd. Now knowing the storyline and watching it a million times I have grown to love it! We bought the 3rd one for our trip a few weeks ago and that one is also fun to should really check them out!

Our little smart, pretty & loving daughter also has another side to her. She is in a "I know everything, I don't have to listen to you, I get everything I want" phase. wheeeeew! She is wearing me out! She doesn't stop talking & will ask the same question 10 times even if we answered her the 1st time. I know I know, we will miss this one day so we try to cherrish all 10 times of the same question haha...not really :)
I can't believe she is about to be 4 :((((

Thursday, April 25, 2013

~Crazy Love~

Yep...I am crazy in love with this handsome dude! Liam's teacher, Mrs. Haydee, loves her little Liam. She is constantly buying him gifts (I think he is her favorite). Last week she bought him 2 polo shirts and this polo hat so we had to get his picture in it last night. My son has a huge noggin so the cap fit :)

Liam has also been trying to crawl! Really, just now you ask? Yep, lazy just like his sister was :)
He has begun to take a few crawls here and there but will splat on his belly. He is also trying hard to pull up on things. When standing and holding on to something he does great. He has 3 teefers on bottom and
Dr R said his top 2 will be coming out over the next couple of weeks.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Painting with Spirits!

My friends & I had a Painting with Spirits party last Friday! We had so much fun drinking wine, eating yummy food, chatting with the girls and of course painting our pump jacks...only in Midland :)
Watch our video below to see more info if you would like to host one of your own. She now even does kids parties which I can't wait to do! We had 22 girls come!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Saturday night, after a looooong day of company picnic, we went to eat at Osakas for Nana's 80th birthday! Wow, what a blessing to get to have an 80th birthday. God is good!

I adore this picture...only because I love that little boys can run around with just shorts on and it be no big thing :)

Oreo is the neighborhood cat. It came up to this house a few years back. They started feeding it and now it hangs out on their porch. It is the sweetest cat we have ever met. It knows no stranger, loves to be pet, will jump down & come to you when he hears his name and will rub all over you & even lay on his back for you to pet his tummy! Parker loves to "go find Oreo" everyday after school. Since Tanner has allergies to cats we will never have our own so Oreo will do :)

Hyatt Wild Oack Ranch

My brother & sister in law were planning a trip to South Padre & asked us to come along. We knew we wouldn't make it to SP with Liam in tow (his first real trip & just getting over being sick). We decided to go with them to San Antonio & stay a couple nights. We came home & they headed to SP. I'm glad we came home when we did because Liam had another ear infection. We are now onto the 3 set of antibiotics.

We had stayed at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort last Spring & loved it. I wanted to try something different that had heated water. As I was searching I came across this time-share hotel called the
Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch. I read tons of reviews and looked at pics and knew we had to stay there.

It was amazing!!! They have a few condos set aside for non time-shares. We booked 2 nights (saturday-Monday) but then Tanner found out he had to come back to work on Monday so we tried booking it for Friday night too since we couldn't cancel Sunday night. Anyways, it was booked Friday so we had to stay at a random hotel close by. Liam was a nightmare. He wasn't over his ear infection and we couldn't just let him cry it out because we were in a hotel. So I was up the entire night with him and then Tanner took over the following night.

So here is all our gear backed for a quick 2 night stay in San Antonio...babies require so much stuff!!!

Onto the hotel. This condo was 2 bedroom, 2 bath, living room, full kitchen, huge balcony, washer/dryer, granite countertops, AMAZING!! Much nicer than our home. The master bedroom & bathroom were crazy big & super nice! It had awesome indoor/outdoor heated pools with fun slides, a lazy river, kids camp, playground, awesome scenery, putting green, and the list goes on. The pools stay at a wonderful 85 degrees during the cold months. I just wish we could have stayed longer...we will definitely be going back!
These pictures honestly don't do it justice...check more out for yourself here

Eventhough Liam was up all night we were still able to have a great time during the day with family. I love Laney & Kip so much and love getting to spend so much time with them & take fun trips. I hope the kids grow up to be great friends!

Eating at the restaurant onsite
 Prettiest girls in the world!!
 Love these kids

Glad someone is getting a nap...

 The other Hayes fam

The last night there we took the kids to the riverwalk for some good eating and a little shopping for the mommas. Note: The Riverwalk mall is really really sad. With as much tourists they get youw ould think a lot of good stores would move in.
Kids passed out on the way home so we got some adult conversation time :)


Easter 2013

I never got to blog about Easter but we spent the whole day reflecting on the wonderful sacrifice that was made for all of us. We even got to tell the story to Parker in a way that she would understand. She loves retelling the story now!

 Little man Easter morning

Sweet babies! Parker's favorite pose involves that hand sticking out like a teapot now :)

Fun Easter egg hunt at a local park with cousins!

Cousins but fight like sisters!

Best Friends

Parker is obsessed with her friend, Lillie. They are at school with eachother everyday, all day yet when she gets home that is still all she talks about. They have even been getting in trouble a lot lately because they are in their own Parker/Lillie world. So they don't listen, mind or behave when they are together. Their teachers have had to split them up a lot! But...they are so cute together and I love that Parker has a best friend at school makes her so excited to go.

They also have dance together every Monday. This picture was from their dance pics at the studio. The funny thing is..Lillie's mom and I worked together at Cheddar's a long time ago so it's funny seeing our kids together now.

We can't leave out Reagan (far left) and Elizabeth (far right)...they also go to daycare with Parker & Lillie as well as in the same dance class. I love these little girls & their mommies!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

9 months

To be honest, when I first found out we were having a baby boy I wasn't just overly thrilled. I think I was scared I wouldn't love a baby boy as much as I love my little girl.

Wow, I couldn't be MORE wrong. This sweet little fella has rocked my world!

Tanner always says that Liam is my "favorite" child. I mean, can you really have a favorite child?? I think Liam & Parker are at 2 completely different stages so my actions are different. Of course, you can't discipline a 9 month old & they want their momma's and enjoy cuddling. Parker, on the other hand, is going through a very testy stage...

My baby boy is 9 months old today :( I'm so sad he is growing so fast!

I can't even tell you how full my heart is with this little guy in our lives. His sweet little face will always light up a room.

I am so thankful for these 9 months with our little guy!

We pushed his well check back a couple weeks since we are going on vacation. They did weigh him last week when he was sick and he weighed 24.1 pounds.

UPDATE: Stats as of 4/22/13
Weight: 24.6 lbs (90%)
Height: 28.2 inches (38%)
Head...can't remember but I know it was (81%)

At 9 months:
Still sleeping allll the time. 7pm-7am with about 3 naps during the day
5 bottles with 7 ounces
Lots of fruits and veggies
Can now pick up puffs & successfully eat them without choking
Will now roll over haha. He likes sleeping on his tummy so he rolls over...but this is the only time.
Still not crawling. He will lean forward for objects all the way until he splats on his belly.
Stands really good holding on to our hands or objects.
Says: Mama, Dada & ball
He knows who to look at when I say dada, sissy, ball & doggies.
He loves the dogs!! & they love him :)
Makes really funny faces when he is done eating and you try feeding him or he will whack it out of your hand.
Wearing 18 month pants and 24 month shirts
Parker is his favorite person...she can entertain him anytime..even when he is in the middle of a cry.
Momma's boy for sure :)
Bathtime is his favorite part of the day...well behind sleep. We now sit it up with his ducky. Him & Parker would play & splash all night if we let them.

I can't get over his sweetness! I think Liam looks just like Parker did at this age, ears & all :)

Love you sweet boy!!