Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentines Day

I spent the week before Valentines buying fun Pinterest projects for the kids valentines parties & their teachers. Of course, Parker could care less for all the fun extra details so this is really for my enjoyment.

Brownie Points for the Teachers!

Ring Pops for Parkers Class. So I printed this bag toppers that say You Rock, Valentine! Well I meant to buy pop rocks for them. Well when I was at HEB I saw a whole box of ring pops and thought what a fun idea so I bought them (not even thinking I already printed for pop rocks). So I start putting them together not realizing they dont go together. Oh well...they were still cute!

Liam's age is hard since he doesn't eat anything. I went with Teddy Grahams since most of the kids in his class are older.

Parker's class party

Love this little girl!

My sweet little heartbreaker!

Daddy made Parker a little snack (her favorite things) while he cooked dinner.
Heart shaped pop tarts, thin mint cookies, cheese & tortillas with honey :)

Hope everyone had a great Valentines Day!!

Valentines Date

Since Tanner & I really don't celebrate Valentines Day the last couple of years he has gone above & beyond for Parker. This is his time to spend some good quality time with her. This year he decided to take her on a special date. Parker picked out her dress. A big fluffy pink dress that she said looked like Cinderellas. She also helped him pick out his outfit & tie. She said that she was Cinderella, daddy was the Prince and that I could be the "Wick mother steps" (Wicked Stepmother) haha. She even kept calling him Prince the whole evening.. :)))))))
Tanner decided to take her to Swensons for ice cream & cokes :)

A little pre-date pictures for mommy

These 2 melt my heart. So thankful for their relationship!

Having a little fun :)

And I got to spend my Valentines with this sweet little guy who definitely holds a big chunk of my heart!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Little man at 7 months

7 months came and went so fast! Having 2 kids makes everything go even faster. Luckily we don't have a 7 month check-up. I hate going to the doctor. The only fun part is seeing his height and weight. Our little fat boy is growing and soaking in so much. He still thinks Parker is the coolest person in the world and his smile will brighten anyones day. We still get that he looks just like his daddy but I think he looks just like his sister did and his ears still stick out like mommy and sisters :) Liam still doesn't roll...either way. We have gotten him to do it a few times but that's it. I think we all just gave up on it and moved on to trying to stand. He does really good, with our help of course.

At 7 months:
Sleeping +/- 13 hours at night
about 3 naps during the day
gets really cranky if he is tired (daddy all the way here)
takes 5 bottles a day with 7 ounces + oatmeal
Eats fruit & oatmeal for breakfast
Veggie + meat for lunch & dinner
Still not eating finger foods (we have tried the cookies and rice cake things for babies and he give us a heart attack evertime. He chokes and we have to pull him out of his highchair, tip him over and beat his back.,,everytime!!)
working on a sippy cup
Has waved a few times
Loves Babey Einstein particular the shapes one..he giggles everytime the lion comes on
We now let him ride in the basket at stores
loves his school & his teachers (they are amazing with him, I am going to be soooo sad to leave that place)
wearing 12-18 month clothes
Still working on teeth...I wish they would pop through so his pain will go away!

Watching Baby Einstein ;)

Parker's dance had visitors day last week. We got to see what they have learned the past 6 months. They were precious!! Of course, Parker is next to her best friend Lillie! I don't know what these 2 are going to do without eachother at school & dance :(

Ms Kelsey is the helper & they LOVE Ms. Kelsey. Taylor is their teacher and she was on the other side dancing so I didn't get her picture. Taylor is a couple years younger than me and we grew up in this studio together. Her mom is the owner. How fun is it that she is now my daughters teacher?!?!?

First position :)

Ice cream for our cute little dancer!

This past Monday I turned 29. Parker, with the help of daddy, gave me an early birthday present on Sunday. Parker picked out this super cute dress and matching necklace from Target. She did awesome! I think I am going to have my own little personal shopper. I wore it to work on Monday & Parker was excited!

Dinner for my birthday! My momma & best friend :)

Love these girls! We have been through a lot together the past year but have grown so close over it! Thankful God arranged for us to become best friends!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Making the move

Well unless we get some awesome job offers soon we will be making the move to Houston! Kinda crazy, exciting and sad all at the same time. I've only lived away for 6 months but got so home sick that I came back. This time I know it will be different because I will have Tanner, my kiddos and work friends as well as friends and family that already live there. 

There is still so much info to come out at work but right now we are guessing our move will be around July or August. We have decided to live in Katy, TX. They have great schools, homes, shopping and everyone says its a big Midland next to a really large city. Tanner and the rest of his team have a work thing in Houston the end of February so we are making it a neighborhood & daycare shopping trip. I have done so much research on Katy that I probably can tell you everything you need to know about that town. Ok, maybe not that much but I have done a ton. My cousin, Renee, and her family live in Katy so she has helped us a lot as well as some old coworkers. I think the biggest transition will be the commute to work and being away from family. Right now we can wake up at 7, get kids ready, fed, dropped off at daycare and to work by 8. Yeah, that will never happen there. I am looking at getting up at 5:30 or so. Trying to find the perfect neighborhood and then a daycare that is on the way to work is a little challenging. I am hoping by making a trip there we will able to be sure. As for family, I don't think I will ever like living away from family but it's not forever...that's what I keep telling myself. With technology these days we will be able to chat all the time and really Houston isn't too far away. A 4th bedroom in our new home is a must for guests :) My granny, aunts, uncles, cousins and their kids (my dads side) all live in Houston so I will still be close to family but nobody can replace my mom & dad :)

The neighborhoods in Katy are amazing. Almost all of them have fun pools, splash pads for kids, lakes, ponds, fun walking trails, etc. We have tried to let go and let God. It's much easier said than done but we are becoming more "ok" with His plan for us. And who knows...His plan might end up being for us to stay here in Midland. My boss is very very nice and has told us plenty of times that if we find jobs here to do what's best for our family and stay. So only time will tell but for now we are going to soak in as much family time as possible and do a lot of house searching :)