Friday, October 5, 2012

Plus Size?

Normally this blog is about my kids but something has been weighing on me that I wanted to share. As I ventured over to the Dillards website to look for some Joe's Jeans that some friends have raved about I see something that catches my eye. On the home screen were 2 that said Petite Dresses which really means for the "skinny"..or Plus Size Dresses which is code for the 'bigger". The models for the Plus Size dresses to me look amazing! I don't kow where our world came to think that this would be considered Plus Size?? Take a look..

I mean really?? Plus Size??
Maybe these women are "taller" and would need something for that but I feel that putting that "Plus Size" label on them is just wrong. These women are normal to me, their curves make them beautiful!! And when women, like myself, have go to clothes that are "Plus Size" just because we aren't sticks is sad. In all honesty, I think the clothes look much more attractive on these "Plus Size" models...
And when I am in a store looking for a pant size the only thing that is ALWAYS left is the size 0...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Liam at 3 months

My  baby boy is growing and growing and growing! I love his chubby little self and his personality that is starting to shine through. He reminds me so much of his big sister as a baby. He is content, only cries once he is super hungry and loves to smile and bat at his hanging toys. But now sister doesn't stop talking so I am going to enjoy this baby stage ;)

He can now hold is head up which helps a ton, we can sit him in our lap much easier. He hates tummy time and loves to lay on his back. And because of this the back of his head is pretty flat. We have been trying hard the past few days to keep him off his head so much.

He sleeps from 7:30 until we wake him up in the mornings but isn't really on a consistant napping schedule. He is quite nosey like his sister so he has to stay awake and see what's going on...he can't miss anything ;)
He drinks 5 - 6oz bottles a day but I like to throw a couple extra ounces in after daycare to keep him full and happy. He takes cereal in his bedtime bottle each night.

This sweet boy stole my heart. I always heard mothers have this "thing" for their little boy just like daddies have that same "thing" for their little girls and it's so TRUE!! He makes everything better and I'm so happy God has a plan for us. Though it was a tough time going through our miscarriage and losing a sweet baby back in 2010, we wouldn't have baby Liam here today with us so for that I am glad God is in control and not me.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The holidays are coming FAST! Even our weather went from sizzling hot to nice & cool within just a couple days. Some girlfriends and I went to Canton this past weekend for some Christmas shopping. Normally I come back with a whole car load but I just couldn't quite get into this year...for one it was super hot one day and then the next day it was crazy raining. We actually left a day before the big storm hit
Midland. I felt pretty bad since Tanner had to stay home from work to be with Liam. Parkers daycare ended up opening for the day so she went to school but brother stayed home with daddy. I am very thankful to have a husband who does everything 50/50 with me for the kids.
Eventhough shopping with 4 girls is kinda crazy we still managed to not kill eachother and have a good time. I have gone to Canton the past 3 years and plan to keep it up each year. But I did miss my sweet babies, especially my little boy since he is so little..I didn't want him to forget who I was in 3 days ;)
Speaking of brother, he is growing so fast on me. I feel like I have been so busy this time around and haven't gotten to spend quality time with him the past 4 weeks. It makes me even more thankful for those 8 weeks off with him at the beginning. He will be 3 months old tomorrow. I will give all his updates tomorrow :)

My girls!

This little girl was so excited about the gumball machine and headband I brought home to her...oh the things they get excited about!

I was going through all pictures of Parker to try and see if they resemble eachother at 2 months. This is the best I could do. I do think they have simularities but Parker is definitely my mini me and Liam favors his daddy!