Friday, September 21, 2012


Our house has been taken over by the dreadful stomach bug the past week and a half. Tanner started off feeling sick Tuesday of last week. Then once he was done we had a sick little Parker. Since she has been in daycare so much she got all her sickness out when she was a wee little one. So now she is hardly ever sick..just a sniffly nose here and there. When she woke up in the middle of the night throwing up she was so scared. She had no idea what was going on :( Poor baby. After taking care of her, which hers only lasted about 6 hours, I cleaned the whole house! **sidenote: our sweet little daughter that seriously never stops MOVING & TALKING was still nonstop while she was sick..she would throw up mid sentence, start crying and then keep on talking...I don't get it?? Do your kids talk this much??
Whew we are done...uh wrong. Monday morning my tummy starts feeling yuck so I finally go home around 2:30 and there is began. I am so so scared of getting "thebug" but this time I don't know if it was beacuse this was a really mild one or I was so sick with Liam that I am used to it. Either way it's over and done with I hope! I scrubbed every spot I could think that we might have touched and our house cleaner is there today for double duty! I hope it's done. Thankfully our sweet little boy didn't get it. I couldn't handle another one of us. So here is to a sick free, fun weekend!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Dance Class at DeAnn's!
She has her 2 best friends from school in her class so she was beyond Excited!!
 He is the sweetest little thing...seriously melts my heart!
 Gymnastics with Jensen & Ty
 Showing his muscles to Dr Reese :)
 Little chubbers
 Date with Daddy to Putt Putt

Thursday, September 6, 2012

2 month check up

Liam had his 2 month checkup with Dr Reese yesterday. He did so good and even smiled for Dr Reese. She said it looks like he is going to be very sociable...oh Lord! We already have one that WON'T STOP TALKING!! haha. Everything looked good & he was super healthy. We got to start him on cereal which he slept all through the night without any crying it out! I am so in love with my little man ;)

2 month stats:
14.8 lbs (96%)
23.5 in (69%)
15.4 (dont remember the %)

I also finished up my 24 day Advocare Challenge and weighed in this morning. I seriously only lost 5 lbs!! What the heck?? I followed that sucker to a T!! I lost more weight before I started it just by eating healthy & not all those shakes and pills. Oh well. I am still down 40 of the pounds I gained haha. 20 more to go :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

2 month catch up!

Wow, it's been 2 months already since our sweet handsome man came into this world! The past 2 months went by so fast. Liam is such a good baby just like his sister was. He is also getting pretty chunky. We go next Wednesday for his 2 month check up.
At 2 months:
He is eating 7 bottles a day with 5 ounces
Wearing 3-6 month clothes
Just moved up to Size 2 diapers
Gives lots of smiles
Trying really hard to talk
Sleeps in his own room and has learned to soothe himself
LOVES his swing

He started daycare this past week. He is at a different one than his sister for a little while. We really like his teachers, they seem to love him. He had a rough day on Thursday with constipation so I went to get him for the afternoon and sat and just rocked him. I really enjoyed my 8 weeks off with him. With Parker I did too but I remember being so ready to go back to work. It's was really hard for me to just sit at home all day with her. This time around I had some of my good friends off as well. One was off with her newborn and a couple other stay at home moms. I got to see them everyday for lunch, shopping or just someone to hang out at the house with and chat. Liam, Jenna and I walked every morning and that started the day off great...we got into a good routine. I started my 24 day challenge which ends next Wednesday. I will update my weight loss results then. Liam still wakes up one time during the night though on Thursday he slept all the way through without making him cry it out. I want to let him cry it out now but I am waiting for Dr Reese say he is at least 14 lbs to sleep through the night...just a few more days.