Thursday, March 29, 2012

Parker :)

Parker & her daddy!
 Went to "look" at the Easter bunny. She wouldn't dare sit on his that's all she talks about!
 Playing Games...she loves watching her daddy play
 Yesterday was my dads birthday so we sent him this picture!

So funny how things change. I used to look back on pictures and nag my mom about NEVER fixing or brushing my hair...I always looked homeless. But now seeing Parker's pictures I realize I do the exact same thing. It does get brushed but you couldn't ever tell. Her hair is so curly and she plays hard :)

Parker at 32 Months...This is mainly for my "scrapbook"
 sing ABC's
Spell her name with words...not writing.
Counts to 30
Counts to 10 in Spanish
Knows the days of the week
Knows the months of the year
Can point out all letters
Finally knows her colors...whew...that one took awhile
Loves to sing this little light of mine
Obsessed with church...that's all she wants to do!
Has no interest in using the potty. Little does she know I am about to whip her into potty train mode in 2 weeks. I need 3 full days with her!! I will not buy diapers for 2 kids.
Calls corn dogs - horn dogs & we can't correct her haha
Has the best personality!
Great helper with the dogs
Calls her baby brother Patch
hates the bathtub ;( Has to take a shower with Tanner or I
Will do anything to go to the park
Loves candy and all things fault there
Very girly
Loves her daycare, teachers and friends she has made.
Finally sleeps by herself again...from 8-7
Doesn't like naps
has lucky charm cereal for breakfast EVERY morning
Says her own prayers every night & before meals that keep us entertained
Loves to dance and perform for us on her stage (fireplace)

I love this age! But I say that about every age ;)

Monday, March 26, 2012

25 Weeks

How Far Along: 25 weeks, almost out of my 2nd trimester...crazy
Size of baby: 13 1/2 inches!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I weighed in at my appointment but opted to look away haha...who is keeping count? ;)
Maternity Clothes: of course!
Gender: BABY BOY!!
Name: William "Liam" Garrett though my hubby is still trying to get Noble as the middle name ;)
Movement: TONS, especially after some sugar
Sleep: Really good lately, I have bad back problems so it's starting to hurt after I lay on one side too long.
What I miss: Not peeing every hour, being able to bend over
Cravings: Oreo Ice Cream!
Symptoms: Just hungry all the time, fingers are starting to swell a little, heat flashes
Best Moment this week: We had another sonogram on Friday to check the placement of my placenta again. It moved!!! yay!! And he was healthy & happy and for sure still a boy! And after upping my thyroid a million times it is finally in a good spot!
Patch is the size of a rutabaga & weighs 1 pound and 10 oz!

I got bad news on Friday that Liam wouldn't be able to get into Midland College Daycare (where Parker goes) until the beginning of next year. There was no way I could go 6 months on maternity leave...I could but half of it would be without pay. So I called this morning to a daycare my Brother & Sister in law use and luckily they will have a spot for him at 8 weeks!! So thankful, my boss is going to be very thankful too ;)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Miami Pics

I didn't take very many pics of Miami. Mainly because we were busy the whole time and I am not a huge fan of the camera while pregnant! The water and weather were gorgeous.
 8th Beach I have been to. Before I met my husband I hadn't been anywhere. He has definitely broadened my horizon :)
 The water was perfectly blue and the sand was clean and soft.
 Water Taxi ride
Now that I am DONE with trips until September I can finally crack down and work on Liam's nursery & think all things baby. I am also planning Parker's 3rd birthday for June since little man is due right around her birthday.

Prego Pics!
21 weeks
 My daughter loves these pictures!
24 weeks
 She wanted a picture with her pretty drawing :)
Liam's new outfit I picked up at TJ precious!!
 Parker & I at Madison's 4th birthday party!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Long Lost Cruise

Our sweet little 5 day Bahamas cruise...was a BUST! And to be honest I guess you could say it was my fault in a way. At least I told my family they could blame it on me. We show up at the airport Monday morning with our beach gear on, ready for a relaxing week on a boat. Our little trip was shot about 5 minutes into the airport. As soon as we check in they tell us our flight is our plan there was NO ROOM for a delay. We had an hour, at most, to get to our next flight in Houston. So they tell us to go and wait and hopfully the fog in Houston would go away really fast. WRONG. As we wait in the Midland airport for 2 hours we start to realize we are missing this boat. We tried to get other flights...all full...of course, it's Spring Break. We try to catch a plane to the Bahamas to catch up with the boat but my niece doesn't have a passport. She didn't need one to board the ship but would need one to fly to the Bahamas...that idea shot as well. Wow, we are actually missing our boat. I didn't think this really happened to people haha. So why is it my fault? My mom and her best friend insisted we fly down the night before. I told them no way, we can save money and just fly the same day...we have plenty of time. Plus I couldn't imagine leaving my Parker for another day! Big mistake...but you live and learn. Please learn from our mistake...always go down to the port a day early!!!
Well instead of flying back home we decided to stay in Miami. None of us have been there and it was still Spring Break for  my neice...afterall, this trip was for her so we had to make it good. I spent our 7 hour layover in Houston on the phone with the insurance people and luckily we are getting fully refunded. This is the one time I was so thankful to have a credit card. We lived off our credit cards for the week haha since we didn't bring much spending money considering the boat was all inclusive. It was Spring Break so it was crazy busy and everything was booked up. Note: Do not go to Miami Beach while big & pregnant!! These girls here were sporting their super cute bikinis, tan bodies and drinking yummy drinks. I was sporting my pregnant one peice, praticially a moo moo and water :(
We stayed on Miami Beach. Luckily a friend Kristen lives there and was able to tell us where to stay and go. The hotels were right on the beach and the food was DELICIOUS. I loved every meal..but maybe that's because I am pregnant. I read 2 great books, my goal was 4 but I wasn't planning on driving all day everyday and constantly seearching my phone for places to stay and things to do and see. I hate to complain but honestly the trip just wasn't the most fun I have had. It was a lot of work for this pregnant chick since I am a big controller and had to plan a week in a matter of 3 hours at a place I haven't been before. We spent 4 nights and came home on Friday. I was so excited to get home to my hubby and daughter. But as soon as we land another catastrophe...they lost our luggage. REALLY?? I keep thinking...what did I do to deserve this. But then quickly think how worse it could be. It's just stuff that can be replaced. My husband and I spent several hours on the phone with United from 5pm Friday until late Saturday night. Sunday morning as I was getting ready for church the doorbell's my Luggage...thank GOD!!
I did manage to snap a few photos of the gorgeous beach. I honestly felt like I was in Mexico the whole time...the water was gorgeous!! Pictures to come...

24 weeks

How Far Along: 24 weeks
Size of baby: a foot long!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: No clue! After a week on vacation I'm positive I gained at least 5 lbs this week Maternity Clothes: of course!
Gender: BABY BOY!!
Name: William "Liam" Garrett
Movement: Lots and I love it all, it's good reassurance! You can even see his little jabs now!
Sleep: Really good lately, hope it stays like this
What I miss: Not peeing every hour, being able to bend over
Cravings: For St Patty's day my friend Ashley made green mint chocolate chip cookies and they are to die for. I ate about 10 that night and took about 10 home with me and they are GONE ;( More please!!
Symptoms: Just hungry all the time, can't bend over so well
Best Moment this week: Liam got his first vacation on a cruise to Miami Beach...that's a whole other post.
We have a 24 1/2 week appointment this Friday and another sonogram since they want to check on my placenta placement again...can't wait!! I know he has grown a ton!
While I was away on vacation my awesome husband painted Liam's room and put together his crib. Last night we went to buy his dresser!
Patch is the of an ear of corn & weighs over 1 lb!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Phone pictures :)

We had girls night Friday night and Shelley "Jelly"  wanted to straighten Parker's super curly hair!
A sucker helped in keeping her occupied 
 I had no idea it was this long!
 She looked beautiful but I love my little curly head girl :)
My pretty nails done by the fabulous Parker!
My new books for my cruise next week!

I can't get this photo to straighten out :( Parker & a friend had fun putting makeup on eachother ;))

Monday, March 5, 2012

Beautiful Sunday!

We first started with some Nemo kite flying
Then watched daddy set up a rocket
It took a little while so we had a fun photo shoot
The rocket was so fast I couldn't get a picture of it going up but you can see the little parachute in the background. Boys Boys!
Then we did some sliding
And of course some swinging in the "big blue" swing
Some friends of ours gave parker this scooter and she LOVES it!
Then we got some fun cousin time! Laney wanted silly faces...not sure Parker got the memo ;)

22 Weeks

How Far Along: 22 weeks
Size of baby: Babycenter says 11 inches long but he was 11 inches 2 weeks ago at his appointment so not sure on this one.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: do I have to keep up with this one anymore? 20lbs!!
Maternity Clothes: of course, I might even wear them after baby I love them so much haha
Gender: BABY BOY!!
Name: William "Liam" Garrett
Movement: Lots and I love it all, it's good reassurance! You can even see his little jabs now!
Sleep: toss & turn a lot!
What I miss: Not peeing every hour
Cravings: salty foods, frozen yogurt, any ice cream, CHEDDARS!!! still haven't gotten my cheddars fix :(
Symptoms: Just hungry all the time, can't bend over so well
Best Moment this week: I am feeling really good right now. I know this won't last too much longer so I'm trying to enjoy it. Parker & I had girls night on Friday with sweet friends, lots of daddy time on Saturday and Sunday we spent the entire afternoon outside...another post with pictures from that!
Patch is the length of a spaghetti squash this week & weighs 1 lb!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Smothered Beef & Bean Burritos

My friend Shelley made me her cookbook awhile back and I can't believe I have never made these before. Honestly the red enchilada sauce threw me off for awhile. I made these last night. I was even hesitant to use the whole can so I didnt and then ended up scraping for more red sauce from the was so good!! I meant to take a picture but easily forgot when I pulled them out because I was ready to dig in!

Smothered Beef & Bean Burritos
1 lb hamburger meat
1 can refried beans
1 white onion chopped
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 can red enchilada sauce
6 large tortillas
1 bag shredded cheese

Brown hamburger meat with the onion. Then add in the crème of mushroom soup & refried beans. Stir together really good. Then fill the tortillas with mixture. Lay them side by side in a 9*13 pan. Then pour the enchilada sauce over the burritos. Cover with the shredded cheese. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes.

Soooo good & tons of leftovers to heat up...Yum!