Saturday, November 26, 2011

Family time

Laneybug & Landon at Fiddlesticks

The wind was crazy!

Not interested in pics

OK, I get it! :)

Pics before family pics

Daddy & P

Painting ornaments

She had so much fun!

She was so proud of her ornaments!
Thanksgiving Day 2011

P & her best friend

Daddy was helping me out this morning & thought he would fix Parker's hair. I couldn't help but laugh, it's piggies with a mullet ;)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Want to know something cool? {really LONG post}

I have a sweet baby cooking in my belly! Cool, right? I thought so :) Here is my journal posts from the day after I found out. I had to find a way to keep up with all my emotions and everything I was going through. I didn't do this last time and I wish I did so I could remember.

November 5, 2011

I'M PREGNANT!! I'M PREGNANT!! I keep having to repeat this to myself. All 3 times it's so hard to believe when you feel fine and you look the same. My last pregnancy I had a bad feeling from the beginning but this one feels much better so let's hope it's true. Praise our amazing faithful God, I am pregnant!

Tanner & I have been trying for the past couple of months. We decided after my miscarriage a year ago that we were going to wait awhile and enjoy Parker. And we did just that! We had an amazing last year with lots of vacations & tons of one on one time with our P. Kinda crazy that all 3 babies were conceived in the same month of different years. October must be a lucky month for us :)
Back to a couple weeks ago. When I was pregnant with Parker I found out my thyroid was all jacked up. They put me on medicine right away. After I had her it didn't get any better so they pretty much told me I would be on it the rest of my life. A couple months ago I ran out. I called to get it refilled but a nurse told me I had to come in for my yearly first. They couldn't get me in until October 19th. So once I went in on the 19th I told Dr. L about my weight gain, tiredness and haven't been able to conceive for a couple months. He instantly asked if I was still taking my thyroid. I told him no and he said my thyroid controlled all 3 of these and to start asap. He said it might take a few weeks to kick in and be able to conceive. So this past weekend I was out of town with Shelley in Canton getting ready to shop!! I hadn't started yet so Shelley talked me into buying some cheap dollar general tests. We bought 3. We got back to the hotel and I took one thinking nothing of it. A little faint line appeared and slowing grew darker..I'm freaking out. I take another one not believing it and bam..positive! Shelley decides to take the 3rd just to test them since they are $1 pregnancy tests. Her=negative. OMG...I'm pregnant! I immediately text a pic to Tanner and he doesn't believe me, he was in the same mind set as me. Once again one of us is out of town when we find out. (He was out of town last time). I then think about my progesterone medicine. I knew I needed it quick! I needed it last 2 pregnancies. I had some left over from last time but it was at home. I called Dr. L and he calls me in some to the Walgreens in Canton, this makes me feel much better. I tried not to think about it or worry about it all weekend and God definitely gave me the peace I needed. I can't quit thanking Him every second, He is so faithful!! My main prayer is for this baby to be healthy and growing like it should. But I also pray for peace with His plan and I do feel peace about it. I know I will get through no matter what. I also have an amazing husband behind me 100% that has complete peace so he helps me too :)
My $1 pregnancy tests :)

November 7, 2011
It's finally Monday, it couldn't get here fast enough. I went in this morning to get my levels checked. I tried to stay calm for the past 7 hours but really, who stays completely calm when you are waiting on an extremely important phone call. I got a call from Brandy around 3:30 and PRAISE GOD AGAIN!! My levels looked great, even my progesterone was where it needed to be!! Woohoo!! Given my past pregnancy I have to go in again on Wednesday to recheck my levels to make sure they are doubling like they should. Ahhh, another long day of waiting...but worth every second!! If these levels look good they will schedule me an 8 week sonogram to make sure they can see a heartbeat. This is when we found out we lost our last baby. Whew, this will be a tough one but I know we will get through it. I have such a good feeling about this baby!!

November 9, 2011
I have to keep writing eventhough nobody will see this for awhile. It helps me keep sane while waiting on phone calls. I went this morning for more level checks. I'm praying that they are doubling like they should and that God has his hands wrapped around my little baby in my belly. Should get a call today around 3:30. FINGERS CROSSED!
***Side note...I LOVE the new lady that takes your blood. I have horrible veins and usually it's a struggle to find one but this chick is awesome!!
3:45PM - Finally got the long awaited call!! Seems like forever. Dr L said my levels were an appropriate rise from Monday so we scheduled an 8 week sonogram on December 2nd...pretty much a month from now! Another long wait but I can do it! This is the sonogram when we found out with lost our last one little one. But I have crazy faith & good spirits about this one.
***Another side note: I had a dream a few weeks ago. Jesus came to me and told me I would get pregnant and have a son and was to name him Liam. I always thought people were crazy when they would say stuff like that but this dream felt so real?

November 11, 2011 (11-11-11)
5 weeks and about 3 days along, super early. I am still feeling great but I don't think I started to get the "yucks" until about 6 1/2 weeks with Parker so I know it's coming. I feel like satan is trying to interfere and put fear in my mind. Maybe since it's getting close to the time we lost our last one. But I am trying to force him to leave me alone and stay positive because I know God is watching over us.
I just want to shout it to the world, I'm so excited! I am always so quick with things so of course we have already started to talk about names. This time I want to be sure and not change the name 2 weeks before he/she is born. I really feel like it is a girl, so does Tanner. We've been talking with Parker about it and love to hear her say "brudder" or "sitter"...ahhh love it!

November 13, 2011
It's Sunday and I hate this time change. It feels so late and I just want to go to sleep :) My first pregnancy symptom is a stuffy nose. I had it the entire pregnancy with Parker. It immediately went away as soon as they popped her out. I hate having my nose stopped up so I was basically addicted to nose spray last time. On Friday night I slept with Parker (we love sleeping in there) and was up all night  with a stuffy nose. I am so thankful for this symptom...I only pray the symptoms keep coming...just means this baby is growing :) Parker's new name for the baby is Patch so that's what we will call him/her while we have no name!

November 17, 2011
I have had a pretty yucky week. I have a nasty head cold that wouldn't be too terrible but mixed in with nausea all day is pretty rough. I have been home all week and hoping to make it half a day tomorrow. I'm glad it's right around the holidays so nobody is at work so they could care less if I am there or not. I don't mind the nausea, it just reminds me the baby is still growing. I actually pray everyday for whatever morning sickness or yuckiness to come my way if it means my baby is growing! Tomorrow marks the day that are last sweet baby quit growing so I am praying that I don't think much about it tomorrow. I can worry myself pretty sick. I have felt really positive all week though I was tempted to call my nurse a couple times and ask for another level test but I know there is nothing they can do if they were to come back not good. And I know it's satan's way of putting fear in my mind. Another symptom I'm having is HUNGER! It gets so bad that I eat and eat and eat and I still have this knot in my stomach wanting food. I guzzle water like crazy hoping that will help but nope. I gained 50 whopping pounds with Parker, I am hoping I don't gain that much this time around!
 I'm excited for Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for. An loving faithful God, an amazing relationship with my hubby, a healthy & precious baby girl, our health, & lots of loving family & friends! Please don't judge my punctuation on that last sentence :)

November 21, 2011
7 WEEKS today! God is definitely answering prayers. I had a sickly weekend, my nausea lasts all day. I am hungry all day long and nothing sounds good. I loved sweets with Parker but this time I find myself leaning towards salty foods. I amthankful for another few days of having this sweet baby growing inside of me. Praying for many more, even if it means many more weeks of nausea!

November 26th, 2011
wow, what a crazy Thanksgiving holiday. I have been so so sick. I never threw up with Parker but this one has my tummy going crazy. Thanksgiving afternoon and all day Friday I couldn't keep anything down, not even water. I felt like I was going to pass out any second so the on-call dr told me to go to the er and get some IV fluids. So we did just that. They also gave me some Zofran to help with the nausea. I felt a TON better and so glad I went. Zofran=AMAZING!!! I don't know how I did it the past 2 weeks without them. Besides being sick we did get to spend some time with family & be thankful for so many things!

November 28, 2011
8 WEEKS! The baby is the size of a kidney bean. I feel like I have gained a couple pounds, not sure how since I haven't been eating much. I am craving salty foods, I guess that's where the pounds come in. I don't really have to pee a lot but that's probably because I don't drink enough water. Bad me :(

December 2, 2011
It's here!!! My much anticipated doctor's appointment is here! We go in at 11 for our sonogram.
Jesus, please be with us at our appointment. Please be with our precious baby. I pray for peace no matter the outcome. I know your plan is the perfect plan. Please give the doctors and nurses wisdom. We love you Jesus and forever grateful. Amen
PRAISE GOD!!! We have a heartbeat!! Our little baby is growing growing growing!! I am 8 weeks 4 days & due July 9th!!!

Halloween 2011

We had a kids party at my work so we brought Parker up to play. She loved it and was the center of attention!
My little kitty cat!

 She was SO excited that she won a cupcake ;)