Monday, June 27, 2011


We will be in this fabulous city in 2 days!
Saturday my hubby turns the big 3-0!!!
What better way to spend it than in this gorgeous place?!?!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Parker at 23 months!

Tomorrow my little girl will be 1 month shy of TWO! These 2 years have been a joy. Now that we have decided to wait awhile for another one we are enjoying our almost 2 year old! This age is very testy and requires a lot of patience but it is also so fun, expecially seeing everything in her eyes and hearing her say many new words each day. I can't even keep up with her vocabulary..she repeats everything we say. She even has her own language for things and no matter how many times we say it the correct way she still says it her way.

My sweet friend Angela moved from Katy a few months ago. She is slowly growing her photography business so I asked her to take some photos of Parker for her inivitations. I knew I wanted it colorful but Angela did the rest!! She had some really cute ideas. We split it up in 2 sessions, thank goodness we did because she is hard to make sit in one spot for very long. Luckily her daddy came with us to make her smile!

An update on my little Cooper:
Last week we helped a co-worker out by adopting a Catahoula Mix. The owner of the dog had passed away so my coworker went and picked up the dog. We had it about 4 nights. On Thursday the catahoula and my youngest dog Cooper got in a fight and Cooper got bit twice which we didn't know about until we took him to the vet! Cooper has so much hair I just though he nipped him a little bit. But once the vet shaved him down found 2 really large bites especially for Cooper being so little. Dr Valle was amazing and fixed my baby up quick and is now home and healing. Poor guy is itching pretty bad and he is not allowed to touch the wounds so they put a soft collar on him. He is going nuts!! I feel so bad for him but so thankful he is alive and the dog didn't hurt Parker or Abby!