Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Another holiday passed and we are about to enter June! This year has flown by, they says it goes faster with kids and now I believe it!! We had a fun filled, long weekend. We got to hang out with family & friends and enjoy our little Parker. Besides the crazy heat it was a great way to kick off the Summer!

Our countdown for Rome is getting close...30 days until we fly out. I have already started getting major anxiety about this trip. The long flight scares me but the beauty and awe of Rome will make up for it...and also the shopping! We are going to Rome for Tanner's 30th birthday and his actually birthday falls on a Ssturday while we are in Rome..how cool is that? A birthday he will definitely always remember!
45 days till our little girls 2nd birthday! I am in full party planning mode. I start early but it helps elleviate stress when the time comes. We are having a "Splash Park" party in the backyard! So fun!
We have 73 days until we fly out to Dominican Republic, woohoo! I guess we have  awhile for this one but I am most excited about!! Sorry Tanner :)

I have tons of pictures from the past couple of weeks that I will upload later. But I will leave you with a couple pictures that my SIL Cara took of the girls.

bahaha, we didn't even tell them to do this! Must run in the family :)

3 beautiful cousins! Laney - 3, Jillian -4 1/2, Parker - almost 2

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Family Trip {Part 2}

After the zoo we headed back to the hotel for some swimming. Parker wasn't a huge fan of the water. She did enjoy sitting on our laps while we floated the lazy river though. The water was a little chilly but we didn't let that stop us. Parker's main fun was the playground...she played and played on that thing!! After a day full of zoo and sun we headed to dinner and shopped some more & of course made it back to make s'mores! They had s'mores everynight as well as a big movie screen on the lawn.

Our final day Tanner kept Parker while I ventured to the La Cantera shops!! I got to shop at Forever 21, my favorite, so I was a happy camper. The rest of the day we enjoyed the water and sun some more and then headed to the River Walk. We ate at the HardRock outside and Parker was very entertained by the birds and ducks which got very close to us. Tanner had never seen the Alamo so we walked a couple blocks to see that.
We had a crib in the room but Parker is at an odd stage where she won't sleep in it if she can see us in the bed next to her and there was no room to put her in. So she slept with us every night...her dady LOVED it because Parker would lay on his chest every night and snuggle with him. But she would wake up manyt imes in the night crying or trying to run off the bed (not sure what that was about) so needless to say we barely got any sleep. 

So now we are trying to catch up from our vacation!!
But we are back and eventhough is was difficult with a teething child we still have wonderful memories with our little girl!!

Family Vacation {Part 1}

We left last Thursday for what we thought was going to be a fabulous little getaway. What we didn't realize is that Parker would be getting in 4 molars the week we left. I had no idea she had some teeth to still come in, I thought she was done. She had been extremely fussy the few days before we left. I even had my mom, grandma and Parker daycare teacher ask us if she was teething and we brushed it off like they were crazy. She is done...we thought!

We left Thursday morning and headed to San Antonio. We made great time and actually Parker did very well on the way there. We also didn't get lost which is a first with Tanner & I together. We arrived at our resort a couple hours before checkin but they let us check-in early. We got to wander around the resort and check everything out. I honestly didn't know these types of resorts were found in Texas. I thought you had to go to Mexico or something to found a "resort" type of hotel. Shows how much I get out.

This place was beautiful and full of activities. There was so much greenery, watefalls, lazy river, 3 pools, big playground, walking trails, and a top rated golf course. It had rained that day so everything was pretty wet the first night so we headed out of the resort for some Rudy's BBQ and some shopping.

S After shopping we made it back to the hotel to make smores and play on the playground.

We decided to go to the zoo the next day. Parker LOVED the monkeys, they were her favorite. We went right around lunch time so a lot of the animals were sleeping and we couldn't see them well. But the monkey's were all over the place so we hung around them for a long time. 
It was then we realized she had a nasty molar coming in and it clicked. Luckily her daddy remembered to bring all her medicines for instances like this so we loaded her up.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

What will it BEE?!?!?

Last night we went to a fun little Gender Reveal Party. My sweet friend Ashley and her husband Clay are expecting their first baby in October. They found out a week ago the gender and kept it in for a little over a week from everyone, including family...big props to them. I can't keep secrets like that very well. But it was all worth it when they got to reveal it at their party last night...though it slipped out to a couple people but a few of us were left to find out!

Lauren, Ashley & I

You had to wear pink or blue depending on what you thought it would be. Of course, I had to dress Parker in pink because we were really hoping it would be a girl. Though I was 100% sure it was a boy!

The grandma's cutting into the cake!!!!

YAY!! It's a GIRL!!
Ashley also made cute cupcakes with pink icing inside :) YUM
Also, whoever guessed right got scratch tickets!

Daddy & Parker having some fun at the party

Parker going in for a kiss...


We are so excited for the Lamb's! Baby girls are so much fun and we know they are going to be awesome, fun, loving parents!!