Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

We had a fun and eventful Easter weekend. Thursday we went to a Rockhounds game with lots of friends & we used Friday to reflect on what the day really meant and what Jesus did for us rather than just a day off from work. We just hung out at the house all day as a family. We try to work Jesus into many coversations with Parker as we can. She is still too young to get it but we threw it in extra this weekend. The past couple of weeks she has made fun crafts at church that represent Easter! I love all the fun things she creates...they are plastered all over the fridge and hanging on the door handles in our home.
My niece, who has only attended church maybe 3 times in her life, has started going to church with us. This was her 3rd Sunday and she was able to come home afterwards and tell us what Easter meant...it made me want to cry. She is listening!! God is answering my prayers!! She has a long way to go but don't we all?? :)

Beautiful Tulips my momma sent me last week :) I love her!!

Saturday Parker & I got to do some shopping with my mom. This used to be a weekly thing but lately has become maybe once every 3 months. I was so happy to get to hang out with her for the day. We also had a family dinner at our house to celebrate Easter. Tanner's family came as well as my mom, niece and grandma.We cooked dinner, colored eggs, had many Easter egg hunts and just relaxed in the backyard. (my sweet sweet husband has been working so hard on our backyard. He has laid sod and planted cute bushes and roses, it feels so nice to sit back there now compared to the dirt that was there before.)
It's getting there...
Sunday morning we woke up and got to show Parker what the Easter bunny left her! The first thing she saw and only cared about was the lipgloss, she is obsessed. We had a wonderful time at church and heard a great story during our Sunday School. We love our new church! We had a huge Easter egg hunt with the church a week earlier.

Sunday night we headed out to my dads for some great food, more egg coloring, more Easter egg hunting and some 4 wheelin! Parker loves to ride and wanted to go and go and go.
Easter 2011

Happy Easter!!