Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Speaking in sentences :)

Yesterday was my dad's birthday so I had Parker call him up to tell him Happy Birthday!
Me: "Tell PaPa Happy Birthday to You"
Parker: "Happy to You....Happy Hi Papa"
Ahhh, it was so cute. She is a little sponge lately and repeats anything we say. She is putting lots of words together and it's fun to see the way they come out. She did say "scuse (excuse) you dada" yesterday that was pretty funny. She also kinda stutters when she says Thank you. "Tank Tank Tank you Mama" haha love it!
We love watching her while we pray. She will shut her eyes really tight and then open them with a squint and look around at me and Tanner to see what we are doing :)
We have spent so much time outsided lately. As soon as we come in the door she is running to the back door "side...side...side". Her favorite obsession is balls and bubbles. And of course she loves every dog she sees. "Doooooooog"

Of course Mallory came through with precious Easter pictures!! I can't wait to see the rest!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Houston Trip

The past few Spring Breaks we (my dad, my niece, Parker & myself) have gone to Houston during Spring Break. I have family in Baytown, Katy & Cat Springs. It was great to see the family we only get to see once a year and Parker has grown a ton since the last time we saw them.

Drinking a fun drink from the bowling alley

 We were constantly outside playing on Granny's slide

 She was so big climbing up!

Meeting her 3rd cousin MaKenna

Loved driving around

"Can we pleeeeease go outside??"

Loves her PaPa

Cousin GiGi kept her entertained

Along with all the fun animals on Aunt JoAnn's farm

First time on a horse

Took several rides on the 4 wheeler and kept saying "Weeeeee"

Playing with the dogs!

Ran all over the place!

Sat in some bluebonnets

Went riding in the jeep with PaPa

Took many rides in the wagon

She LOVES animals!

We had a great trip but glad we are back home to daddy!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Lake Trip!

This past Thursday we loaded up and headed out to Shelley's inlaws lake house on LBJ. 4 Adults & 5 kids...all under the age of 3...what were we thinking?!?!?!
This house is AMAZING! It was built a year ago, 3 stories (which killed our legs haha), 4 bedroom, 4 bath, gorgeous view, fully stocked, outdoor firepit, huge balconies on every level, it was definintely a home away from home. Though I do not advise taking the kids when they outnumber the adults ;) Overall they were good but there were definitely those times where they were all crying or fighting over a toy and us momma's were beyond stressed! Next time the daddies get them! Shelley fixed us up some great meals, we played a lot of Phase 10, built fires outside every night and enjoyed the beautiful weather. The kids had fun playing with eachother too. Us momma's had great team work! After the kiddos went to bed we got some good R & R and girl talk. When I got home yesterday Tanner had the house spotless which made me happy and took P so I could take a loooong nap :)

Ahhh funny story. So Jenna & Shea went to the store and Shelley & I were left with all 5 kiddos. 3 year old, 2 year old, 19 month old, 13 month old and 4 month old. Yikes, sounds scary! Shelley got the grand idea to give all 5 kids a bath together. So the 2 year old is up first, he gets in and is an angel. Off to a good start. the 3 year old is next, she begins to scream because the water is burning her scrape on her foot. So then the 13 month old gets in and he is a basket case. 1 kid ok, 2 screaming. So the 4th one goes in which is my daughter. She is screaming so hard that I immediately take her out. So she is naked and is running around on the wood floors. During all of this Jett, the 4 month old, begins to cry on his mat so I go to pick him up when he then begins to barf all over me and the floor. At that same time Parker pee's on the floor and then walks in it, slips and busts her head. My reaction is to put Jett back down and grab Parker. Well then Jett begins to choke on his throwup. Shelley comes to get Jett I put Parker back in the bath. Parker and Jensen are still bawling while Madison and Harrison are looking at them like they are crazy. Right around then time Jenna & Shea thankfully show up in time to help get all the kids out. I seriously wish we had this one video. I have no idea how someone can have this many kids. I would have to be admitted...