Friday, December 3, 2010


I am so bad about waiting to give presents so we gave Parker her chair from Pottery Barn a tad bit way early. She loves it! She also loves standing on it so we are constantly teaching her to sit on her bottom, a saying we use very often.

We went super cheap this year and had some pictures taken at Portrait Inovations. We actually went to get pictures of my sister, my neice and us 3 but I can't post those because they are presents to my parents. Parker hammed it up the whole time.

Our Christmas Tree!
Parker has about 3 balls towards the bottoms that we just have made hers, so she can play with them as much as she wants. I didn't want to be having to tell her no every 2 minutes.

Some more cheesy pictures but we hardly every take pictures of just us 2 so I really enjoyed this :)

Sweet Parker on Thanksgiving Day! This time she was big enough to play with all the kids.

My daughter loves jewelry and will say "piiiippppy". I gave her all my old stuff and put it in her own drawer so she loves to play dress up. That's my girl!

The ladies loves fixing Parker's hair at daycare everyday. I really wish I would remember to take pictures of all the neat things they come up with. Parker barely lets me run my fingers through it..I have no idea how these girls get her to sit still long enough.

Parker is saying so many new words, she has about 30 in her vocabulary. She says "peas" (please) when asking for something but we can not get her to say Thank You. We have been teaching her to say Jesus and love those words coming out of her. We also work hard on Love You but thay is another tricky one for her. She loves animals and LOVESSSS, I mean crazy loves books. She constantly wants us to read to her but mainly only the animal books. Her first thing she does when she comes home every day is head straight for the snack cabinet and wants rasins. She is cutting her 15th tooth right now and loves to show people her "BB" (bellybutton) but then she also wants you to show her yours so watch out.  This little girl wears a size 12M in pants but a 2T in, her little chuncky short body is the best. She has begun her fit throwing and half of the time we can't help but laugh because she gets serious about it. She is just changing so much and each month brings new funny quirks about her :) Right now we are planning a Sea World trip for next Spring. She she has a great love for animals and will be close to 2 by then we figured Sea World would be a huge hit.