Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A much needed night out! Great food & lots of dancing!

P stayed with Shelley and got to take a bath with Madison & Jenson. They look real happy right?

First time to Chuck E Cheese & hopefully the last...that place is icky

cheeeesin for the camera

Loves hanging out with cousin Laney

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Start to FALL!

We had a fun, busy yet relaxing weekend! Here are some pictures to recap our weekend!

Parker's first "real" ponytail. The daycare workers have played with her hair before with mini piggies :) her hair is growing like crazy and it's super thick & curly like her mommy & daddy! 

Daddy & P before he ran his first 10K

Good luck kisses <3

She loves playing with tags or paper....oh & the chip clips, new favorite!

Some of Tanner's co-workers

And he's off!!!

Playing around waiting on daddy

After an hour and half she was done!!

He made it!! We are so proud of him!!
(funny story...a 10K is 6.2 miles but after they were well on there way someone realized that they marked it 2 miles really it was 8.4 miles. There were some pretty ticked runners that were running for time. And it was funny for Tanner because he was pretty confused the whole run thinking there is no way this is 6 miles :))

Silly but normal for her

Today she started making a "cheese" face when we held up the camera!

Looks so grown up (notice the chip clips)

Trying to take our own picture, ha ha

First seeing all the animals...wasn't too sure about it

petting the animals

Had to post this one bc of Tanner's position =)

My loves

The baby goat was eating Tanner's shirt

Embarrassed I am taking this picture, ha

Heading home...long day but a fun one!

Long post but we took lots of pictures! So happy it's Fall & we can spend more time outside.
Parker will be 14 months this week. She is learning so much. her newest thing is she thinks every animal is "Abby" (our oldest dachshund)...she just recently started saying (a-ee)'s pretty cute =) Her new body parts we have been working on the past week are her belly & toes, i think she has them down! The toes & nose confuse her though since they sound so much alike :-)

Have a great week!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Playdate with Macie

P with her bud Macie

Little daredevil! Macie wanted to try everything all on her own and she figured out how to do it.

Then you have my laid back Parker that doesn't dare attempt those things.

They are so fun to sit back & watch

Sweet Macie with the most precious little face =)

P at Hud's 1st birthday party! We tried to match her to the pirate themed party...this was the best I could do lol ;)

"Hud....where ya going?"

As soon as we got to Hudson's party I sat P on the floor. Little Hudson came over to her, gave her the "look" and then hugged her. I think they have a thing for eachother =)))