Monday, August 30, 2010

The girls

Typical Parker...

Modeling her new leotard

Silly daddy

Poor Coop ;)

At least she is consistent with her pose =)))

Sweet cousins & a scared Parker!

13 months!

Sweet, sweet curls

Ready for church!!


It must be the months of birthday’s & baby showers!! We have been busy busy attending lots of parties =) This past weekend we started off with a baby shower for my friend Candas. Then Parker was invited to Atleigh’s 1st Birthday party…it was Circus themed and Meagan did a wonderful job decorating…it was Amazing! That evening we had a birthday dinner at Ghengis Grill for “Pops”!

Lovin' the balloons

Parker being Parker ;)

First time at Ghengis Grill...yummo! Happy Birthday POPS!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Our last couple of weeks have been quite busy! But I love busy so I am good with that :)

My family has a time share on a condo in Ruidoso for the first week of August. So it has always been a family thing each year. My grandparents are too old to go now so it kinda turned into a small Girl’s Trip. This year it was my mom, her befri Cathy, my niece and me!! I was looking so forward to this considering I haven’t had a weekend away from Parker since October of last year…whew! P stayed home with her daddy and they did lots of fun things together! Us girls ate at our favorite Ruidoso restaurants, went to the horse races, shopped (I love Ruidoso boutiques), went sight seeing and we took Lindsay to their fun amusement park.

Last weekend we had birthday parties, more shopping & dinner & swimming with our old neighbors.

Parker is learning so much everyday. Her new favorite obsession is destroying her room. She likes to throw out all the clothes from her dresser. She has her 4th molar coming in right now so cranky would describe her mood. She makes funny goofy faces. She gets lots of visitors at daycare just to see these faces of hers. She can say the noises of a horse, cow, cat, sheep & lion. She can also tell you where your nose is. Her form of peek-a-boo is quite entertaining…her hands land on her head rather than over her eyes. She will give high fives, turn anything into a phone & try to copy anything you do.

We leave for the lake this weekend with lots of friends! I can’t wait to be on the water!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Loves watching daddy work outside! She will bang & bang on the door & give it kisses.

Pointing...her new thing ;) She points at everythiiiiiing

Headed put for some Saturday afternoon shopping

Roaming around at Macie's party!

P with her friend & birthday girl Macie! Macie turned 1!!