Monday, July 19, 2010

The Big Party! (Long Post)

This past Saturday we had Parker's 1st birthday party & it was a huge success. I had debated in the beginning whether to have a small, family type party or go all out. Well I love planning parties so after I started I couldn't stop so the party grew and grew. I loved every minute of planning her party. I got wonderful ideas from my friend Ashley. I have also looked at many many blogs. A friend Jessica has planned precious parties for her daughter so I got a few ideas from her awhile back. I LOVE TomKat. Many of my ideas also came from countless hours searching Etsy.
We planned a cupcake "tuptake" themed party for P. It all came from an inside joke between Tanner & I so we went with it.We had tons of family & friends that clebrated her Big 1 with her! She recieved tons of fun toys and a mound of precious, precious clothes! She even devoured her cake :) Parker recieved her One year shots on Thursday & the nurse warned us that she would be cranky for a couple days and probably break out with a rash (measles/mumps/chicken pox vaccine). Great! She did very well but you could tell she didn't feel wonderful, poor girl. We didn't get many smiles from her but she seemed in a good mood the whole party. Sunday we had to wake up early to get ready for pictures; we got a few smiles out of her there.
  I am glad it's over though I had so much fun planning it. I really should have thought about party planning for my career. It's over now & we have a
Enjoy the Pictures!!

Some pictures from her actual birthday!

Some yummy dinner at Outback followed by Your Way Yogurt

And of course some present opening =)

ok, back to the party...


Ribbon Topiary Tree

Goody Bags!
Cookies & iced animal cookies

Her "smash" cupcake! 
My good friend Ashley Long made this & it was oh so yummy!

Dropping off the cupcake

Happy Birthday Parker
really hard to see in this picture

Highchair cover

Cupcake table

Closer look

Strawberry Maltballs & pictures

Another Happy Birthday banner & present area

More yummy candy

(I'll only post a few to make it short)

Mommy & Birthday Girl!

Cupcake Outfit

Sharing her cake with the girls

Loving the cake

Our family :-)

Cake Everywhere!!


Read some cards...

Opened some gifts...

Loved her Minnie Mouse

One spoiled girl

Thanks to all our family & friends who shared this special day with our little girl <3

Thursday, July 15, 2010

One Year Old!

We have a 1 year old! As of 10:59 pm July 14th :) Oh my precious Parker, you have made this last year unbelievably amazing! You have been the best baby. You gave me an easy pregnancy, super easy delivery and have been a laid back, easy going baby. We are honestly scared to have another ;) But as we started inching towards the big 1 your ornery side has definitely started coming out…but we know you can’t help it because you get it from your daddy ;) Trying to change your diaper or clothes is a huge obstacle now, you love your doggies and really love to feed them, bath time is also a new obstacle because you like to take your baths standing up but mommy and daddy keep telling you to sit down and you get pretty mad, you hate the word NO and it only inspires you to keep doing it, you get very excited to ride your “car” outside, you still hate for anyone to touch your feet or hands – shoes are going to be tricky, you could live off tomatoes and watermelon, you love playing with momma’s jewelry, the toilet paper is the first thing you head for in the mornings, Baby Einstein can keep you interested all day, your Aunt Cara taught you how to blow kisses & your cousin Lindsay taught you how to say “uh-oh”, you can give the best kisses, you have trained your best friend Cooper (our dog) to love babies, you love to say mama and you really love for us to chase you around,  you start dancing at any sound of music & just recently took your first steps!!

We have so many precious moments to look back on over your first year of life

One year stats:
weight - 21.7 (40%)
height - 28 3/4 (40%)
head - 18 1/4 (80%)

Big Birthday Party this Saturday!! Lots of pictures to come :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

We spent 4th of July evening at a Rockhounds game with some old friends. Parker wasn't interested in the game because she was busy entertaining all the people sitting around us with high fives, grumpy faces &

Early into the game, playing with daddy's hat

lots of silly-ness =)

OUT! right before the fireworks :( She lasted so long though!