Wednesday, June 30, 2010

....time flies!







I already miss these days so much!

2 weeks until her birthday :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

Happy Father's Day, love!

My husband loves MMA & Jui-Jitsu & surprisingly P likes to sit and watch the fights with her daddy so I had this shirt made for Fathers Day!

We spent the weekend at Possum Kingdom Lake. Parker's 1st lake experience :)

Luckily Cara got the pictures below, I forgot my camera once again ;(

Brothers & their little girls

Hanging on the boat

Cousins sharing some snacks

Playing in their floaties or as Laney would say "swimmin poo"!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Girl Time

Getting brave & letting go!

Kisses for Uncle Landon

Sweet Laneybug

Miss P

Monday, June 14, 2010

11 Months

Wow, this time last year we were counting down the days till our Princess arrived. Now we are counting down the days to her 1st Birthday!! It has been 11 months of absolute JOY!

Sadly, she spent the past few days sick. She had a double ear infection and a little cold. She is doing much better today and went to daycare to play with her friends.

A few things she is doing at 11 months:
* Giving kisses: the mouth wide open, tongue out kisses. She will give them to us, her books, the mirror, anything really :)
* Will say the horsey sound, cow sound and now we are working on the doggie.
* Mama is her favorite word
* Pulling up & she has her brave moments where she will try to let go.
* Flaps her arms like a bird when she is excited or eating.
* Started a slight transition to whole milk, she likes it so that’s a plus!
* She throws her cup on the floor and starts smashing her food when she is done, nice
* 12-18 month clothing
* Hair is starting to curl!
* LOVES desserts like her momma

Now that we are all healthy we are looking forward to a family weekend at Lake PK this weekend!


Monday, June 7, 2010

Dallas trip

We got to spend the past 4 days visiting some friends we haven’t seen in awhile. Our first stop was Keller where we got to stay 2 nights with Chad, Michelle and their son Hayden. Chad & Tanner went to high school together. We shopped and ate at some great food places and did lots of catching up and watching the kids play. Saturday we headed to McKinney for the night with Josh, Casey & their son Aiden. Tanner also went to highscool with Josh. We ate at a nice restaurant, Texas de Brazil, where it’s unlimited meat. Unfortunately I wasn’t too hungry but it was good and Parker loved the fried bananas. On our way home we stooped in Abilene and visited with Angela & Brandon, we haven’t seen them since Christmas! Angela has been Tanner's best friend for a long time. While we were there we noticed Parker had 4 new teeth popping up. We never think to look towards the back but this weekend we noticed 2 molars. So she has 9 teeth and will be 11 months in one week! Parker is also learning animal noises at daycare so she learned the horse noise first and now she is picking up on the cow. Instead of "MOO" it's more like "MMMM". She will also give kisses which is the most precious thing ever!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend

I love Holiday weekends! We always get off work early and the long weekends give us more time with our little Parker. We surprisingly stayed around the house a lot this weekend but Tanner got a lot done to the backyard and P was sick a portion of the weekend.

When we moved in our whole backyard was all gravel. Tanner has been working in sections; clearing out the rock, preparing the ground and then laying sod. He got a lot done this weekend but still a lot of work to go. I’m glad he enjoys working in the yard because that is definitely not my favorite.

Saturday our niece Laney turned the big 2 so we got to attend her birthday party at the park. I of course forgot my camera again so I didn’t get any pictures :( All the kids had a great time though.

Parker's new ride ;)

While Tanner has been trying to get the water perfect in our big pool we blew up a baby pool for P yesterday. We laid it out in the front yard and let her play around. It was perfect weather under the shade. Last night we had a big dinner with family at our house.

I am so proud to be an American and so thankful for all the men & woman and their families in the military that fight everyday for our freedom!