Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Good Times!

Snuggling <3

Storytime before church

Grandma spoils me silly=)

Working hard for some grass

GOOD MORNING :))))))))

Splits anyone?!?!

Stuffing my face!

Growing up :(

JAMMIN!! Watch out..

Wednesday, April 21, 2010





...and every crumb on her face!

Friday, April 16, 2010

9 Months!

We took P to her 9 month dr appointment yesterday. She was a healthy little girl. Dr. Reese said Parker is so content and has a large trunk she will probably skip over the crawling and just go to pulling up on her own & walking, so we will see. Parker got her top left tooth in the other day and Dr. Reese said she sees the other top one making its entrance. I can’t ever get the child to keep her mouth open long enough for me to see. Parker is hitting ever milestone at her age & cried the whole appointment =) That girl knows when we are in the dr office. She cries as soon as we lay her on the table & doesn’t stop till we pick her up. She then followed with the stink eye at Dr Reese & Mandy, lol. She did get 2 shots. Normally she wouldn’t have gotten any this time, she had a hep b left to get but they usually give it at a year unless I wanted her to have the 2nd flu shot. So she got her 2nd flu shot and the hep b shot. Both are very mild so she never ran a fever or got red knots on her legs. She goes back at her 1 year which makes me sad to say :(

Parker’s stats:
Height: a whopping 26 in. (10%)
Weight: 19.10 lbs (60-70%)
Head: 18 in (90%)

At 9 Months:
~ 3 teefies
~ scooting Backwards!
~ pulling up with our hands
~ stands with support
~ picking up snacks with her thumb & pointer & actually makes them into her mouth :)
~ eating lots of table food: mashed potatoes, green beans, bread, noodles, bananas, yogurt, crackers, cheese
~ says mama & dada but not directed towards the right person & lots of other gibberish
~ has great dance moves!
Waiting outside the dr office. This is her new silly smile :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We really enjoyed are 4 day vacation to Houston this past weekend. We went to the Aquarium, shopped, ate A LOT, visited with friends & also had some family time!

Sunday we loaded up and headed home…Parker required a lot more attention on this ride. Poor girl was in her car seat about 80% of the time this weekend. She was ready to be OUT! Sunday night we got a lot of work done to our backyard. Our pool is FULL, cover on & pump going! I’m so ready for Summer & swimming!
Our “not so little” girl turns 9 Months on tomorrow :( She threw her first “fit” last night because daddy left & started crying when I dropped her off at daycare this morning…having some separation anxiety??

Check out these rolls!! She will be mad at me one day for these...

Hates wearing her bows these days

Trying to look innocent ;)

My loves

Friends =)

Caelon, my Godson

Monday, April 12, 2010

Weigh In #3

We had our 3rd weigh in yesterday for West Texas Losers. Compared to the 2nd weigh in (where I gained .4 lbs)  I had great results. I lost 3.2 lbs! In total I have lost 9.6 lbs which is way more than I expected to lose. This weight loss challenge has been a lot of fun yet challenging. Getting to see all the people around you lose weight too has been a great feeling! Out of the 42 people we have lost well over 250 lbs. The past 3 weeks have been iffy for me. I don’t feel like I have eaten wonderfully but I did work out a lot more! I even worked out on our vacation which is a big first for me. It helps having Tanner to guide me in the right direction. We still have 2 more weigh in's before it's over. So far I am in 7th place so I need to step in up a notch. It’s a great feeling to be able to fit into some clothes that you have had stored all the way in the back of your closet just waiting for a day like this ;-)

On the road...

Making a mess....

But not bothering her at all...loving it actually.

It's tough being a baby =)

Never Disappoints!

Mallory Buck never disappoints! One of the shots from her Easter session!
Yes, we are obsessed with our daughter, obsessed with pictures & obsessed with Mallory :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a wonderful yet very busy Easter weekend! Parker was in the best mood all weekend and we drug her everywhere & even kept her up late with little naps. I guess she is getting older and able to handle less sleep.
We started off with the day off on Friday. Tanner & I spent the whole day with Parker. We bought her a new swing for the front yard & a new stroller. Friday night we hung out with good friends & ate fajitas & drank margaritas on a warm evening.

Saturday mmorning we had Easter pictures with Mallory which I can't wait to see! Parker recieved a toy duck from a friend at work. Well it "quacks" a lot! and everytime it quacks a permanent smile comes out...so what did we do all weekend?? We quacked for every picture & it worked because silly us forgot the duck everywhere we went!!
After pictures we headed over to Nana's house for some hamburgers & an Easter egg hunt. This is Parker's little bunny that found a home in her mouth.

Parker's cousin Laney who is about to be 2!!

Parker with more cousins, she was having fun can you tell?!?!?

A first "family" photo in awhile

Parker's 1st Easter

Working hard to find what's inside...

And she only found fake grass & was happy with that ;)

On Sunday we had a LONG morning at church. We went to the early service then helped out with the 2 year olds for the next 2 services. We were worn out after this long weekend. But we still had stops to make. We saw Tanner's Aunt & Uncle and daughter Jillian. And after that we made our way out to my dads for more cooking & another Easter egg hunt. I love hunting eggs so Tanner hid them for Lindsay & I :)

Parker with her cousin Jillian!

Hope you all had a wonderful EASTER!

This & That

My 2 loves!

New tree swing

Parker loves her PaPa

Cousin Lindsay

 Operation "Grass"...again

After work play time


A good friend of mine from highschool had her son, Caelon, just a few weeks after Parker was born. Though I don't see Morgan that often since she lives in Houston, we have kept in touch over the years and especially more now. We got to experience pregnancy together and now our kiddos are the same age.
Morgan asked me a couple months ago to be her son's Godmother! What an honor :)
We are heading to Houston this weekend for Caelon's Christening...such an exciting time for Morgan and her family.

Caelon Jace

Morgan & Caelon