Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Easter!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Sweet P

Headed to swim class!

Giving us a sneak peek of her new swimsuit ;)

I'll eat anything right now!!

Monday, March 22, 2010


We had a fun weekend! Parker was finally feeling better on Friday so she went to daycare and I got to go to work. Saturday we were strolling the mall & Parker got a picture with the Easter Bunny. I figured she would bust out crying but she just wanted to eat his hand. We got a couple pictures, none were great but good for memories. This girl has to be teething! She will go nuts trying to get anything into her mouth. I don't see anything close to the surface but I know it can take awhile.
We had our 2nd weigh in yesterday for WTL & I gained .4 though I'm not surprised. I didn't do near as well as I did the first couple of weeks. Going out of town & a pregnant friend that I eat with consistantly will make me gain :) jk, I know I can't blame it on anything but myself!

New outfit & shades from Carla, my good friend at work!

Fight Night at Brad & JoAnn's

Wearing daddy's hat!

My cousins Christy & Renee; Renee is due in 3 weeks with baby Carter!

My dad & Renee comparing bellies & happen to be wearing the same colors ;)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sick Again!

I knew daycare would bring about more sickness for my baby but dang, I'm tired of visiting the dr. I know this is all building up her immune system but I still hate to see her sick all the time. She has had a consistent cough since the beginning of winter but it gets worse when she gets sick. Once we got off the plane in Houston, there it all began! Her cough got so rough and she was sneezy with runny nose :( I just assumed it was allergies, which some of it was. We got into town about 3 yesterday and around 6 she started running a 102 temp. We loved on her & gave her some medicine but woke up this morning with matted eyes but with a smile on her face. Our little girl is a trooper even when sick. Tanner & I took her to the dr and she has blisters all over her throat, a viral infection and pink eye. Dr. R said it will get worse before it gets better! Just what we wanted to hear. This might really turn into a full Spring Break for me. They did weigh her though and she is at 18.7 lbs, little bit :)
We did have a wonderful time in Houston. We flew in on Saturday & Parker did amazing. The whole process was simple and like always I stressed way too much about it. There was an older man next to us that occupied Parker the whole time, she loved him! We got to spend a day & half at my aunts house out on her beautiful land...she has ponds, pools, waterfalls, horses, chickens, you name it. Her house is gorgeous as well & she is a great cook!! We had fried shrimp one night and BBQ the next with Margaritas!! Everyone got to meet Parker & loved on her the whole weekend. I had to do my Monday report which stressed me out trying to use a laptop but I got it done. We stayed with my Granny a couple nights as well, I just love being around her...she is hilarious! I also enjoyed the quality time with my dad and he enjoyed being around Parker for 4 days. Tanner, Parker & I go back to Houston in a couple weeks for my Godson's christening :)

Perfect little P

interested in those waterfalls..

prettiest baby I know!


Learning to stand up, not quite there yet ;)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

8 Months!

P will be 8 months on Sunday! Her & I fly out tomorrow, along with my niece, to Houston. I am a little nervous about flying with her & without Tanner but my dad will be there to meet us and help with luggage so that helps. My dads mother and sisters and all their kids live in Houston. I don’t go down too often but decided I needed to before Parker isn’t a baby anymore. They have never met her! My niece has Spring Break and my dad was already going to be down there for business so we thought to fly down and make a trip out of it.

While we are gone Tanner is going to be very busy on our backyard. His brother is coming in to town to help him out. Our new backyard is much bigger than our old one but it is ALL rock again!! So they are going to clear a spot to build our above ground pool! I’m sure we will stay planted in that thing during the Summer since it gets miserably HOT here and if you know me well you know I HATE heat :) Plus we have a little fish on our hands these days. We are still going to swimming lessons and Parker loves every second. She did cry once on Tuesday because I dunked her when she wasn’t ready. Tanner is the easier one on her…I am more aggressive and just make her go for it. She’s got to learn right?? :) We have a break for Spring Break then continue back up all the through April as of now.

So back to Parker being 8 month!! 8 Months??? I keep thinking…how does she only have 4 months left of bottles, 4 months left of her 1st year, 4 months left of being a “newborn”…I don’t know what it is about 8 months but I just feel like it is so close to 1 year. Tanner & I were just discussing how Parker is turning into a kid, not a little baby anymore. After looking at many feeding schedules I came to the realization I am feeding her way to much...haha…and it shows. So I eliminated one bottle and it’s been working great. I love her rolls, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t want them to be because I’m feeding her too much. She hasn’t been drinking all of her bottles anyways so I think that was a sign that she just wasn’t hungry for that many bottles. She also just got over another ear infection. I am hoping the weather stays good so she can stay well.

We visited Kelview Daycare today. I put Parker on the waiting list when I first found out I was pregnant. I talked to the lady over it almost every month. Well I quit emailing her a few months ago because we loved her current daycare. Well I got a call last week saying she had a spot for Parker. So Tanner & I have been flip flopping over this decision for the past week and it’s driving us CRAZY! We liked Kelview but we also like Animal Krackers and for some reason I want her to go to Kelview because I have heard such great things about it but I have a weird uneasy feeling about it. I don’t know if this is God giving me an answer or if I’m 2nd guessing myself…and we have to have a decision tomorrow. So we shall see…

Parker isn’t doing much more than last time
* finally in 9 month clothes
* babbling babbling babbling
* can stand very well
* full out laughs!
* Will eat her veggies any day over her fruit
* loves looking in the mirror
* doesn’t have any desire to crawl
* fascinated by the dogs & my jewelry
 * Knows when someone is a stranger to her
*LOVES patty cake & will clap along and will squint her eyes when we are about to say
“Throw em in the pan”
* Will mock some of the things you do
* Can’t get enough of her yogurt bites and apple juice
* Bathtime is still her favorite part of the day!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

West Texas Losers

My friend Mallory had mentioned a weight loss competition she was in a few months ago. They started up a new one 2 weeks ago so thought I would join in. You pay $50 and it lasts 3 months. You can do any weight loss program you want, you just have to weigh in on the specific days that are listed. I've had a few baby pounds hanging around so thought I would go for it and try it out. I want to say there is like 42 of us but I don't know the exact count. I do know that whoever has the most percentage lost at the end wins 60% of the money, which is obviously a lot since there are a lot of us. There is also 2nd and 3rd place winners along with a winner for most inches lost. I decided to join Weight Watchers online since I had heard lots of great stuff about it. I LOVE IT! It was pretty hard the first few days, I was starving. But now my body is used to it and I am eating what I should be eating. Usually I tend to overeat. I have gotten lots of new fun recipes that Tanner & I have made the past 2 weeks and have really enjoyed them. I went to weigh in this morning and lost 6.8 pounds!! Not as much as I was hoping but way more than I would have ever lost all on my own. I can officially say I am at my pre-Parker weight!!! I have 14 lbs to go to be at the weight I have wanted to be at for a long time so I am going to push real hard these next 2 1/2 months!

And a few pictures of Parker just because she's cute :)

We tried Bunny ears on & have a funny story to remember!

Loves seeing herself in the mirror

This was a couple weeks ago

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Swim Class

We started Parent-Tot swim classes last night. Parker LOVED the water! Not one tear shed. The water was nice & warm and she had a really sweet teacher. Tanner & I both got in and took turns with Parker learning the different techniques. The class is twice a week for 4 weeks but you can continue signing up each month which we plan to do for awhile. Every technique is learned with a song like "row row row your boat" and "the wheels on the bus". There were all ages of babies there from 3 months to 3 years. I didn't know you could take a camera in so all I got was before pictures. I will take some of our little fish in the water tomorrow. Oh and Tanner & I both were peed on. The diaper they have to wear are re-usable and don't hold anything so we got lots of pee ;)

The first suit didn't fit so we went with the 12 month one I bought her and her belly was showing the whole time lol

Excited to go swimmin ;)