Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Throwing in the paint brush

We moved into our house a little over a year and half ago. The owners before us were quite funny with their painting…we had an ocean mural in our entry way, a bedroom that was painted like a jungle (every wall), mustangs painted in the garage (which we kept those – kinda cool) and a whole bunch of ugly colors throughout the rest of the house! We got to work as soon as we moved in and have been slowly working on a different room. We have seriously painted every single wall in the house (some walls many times) except for our 2 master bathrooms.

Jungle Room is what we liked to call it

The lovely mural that filled our entry way
One of the cars painted in the garage

Now you can see why we have been busy painting!!

My latest project was the guest bedroom. This was sort of like a junk room for the past year and a half, I had no need to get it decorated since we hardly have company come and stay with us. All our family & friends live here. So while I was off for 8 weeks with Parker I had to have a project. I am and never will be the type to be able to stay at home all day. I think I have some sort of ADD because I can’t sit still for very long, I have to be doing something! So my project was the guest bedroom. I had to rip off the wall-paper border which I was dreading but I finally got it done and got it painted. Normally I would have gone for some fun color but since we aren’t sure how long we will be staying in this house I went with a crème (same color as our Master & Parkers bedroom) so when we do decide to sell all bedrooms will have neutral colors. I LOVE to decorate so I knew I could spruce it up with decorations and color. Here is the before picture of this bedroom. Once I get it all decorated I will post an after picture.

Now, I can say I HATE painting ...I even hate the word Paint. I hope I never have to pick up another paint brush for at least a few years. I would like to change the colors of our Master bathrooms but not enough to repaint them. Looks like they will be staying red for awhile.

Tanner has also been working really hard on growing grass in our backyard. You would think this would be easy but not so much. But after a lot of work we finally have a yard! Before it was all gravel/rocks and a bunch of bushes & plants, kinda southwest style but we wanted a yard for our kiddos and now we have one!

Monday, September 28, 2009


Our 2 good friends got married this weekend!!

Mr. & Mrs. Drew Davis

It started with a manicure party on Friday for all the girls. This was a fun time to just hang out with the girls, snack on some food & of course get our nails done. That evening we went to the Rehearsal and then headed to La Bodega for the Rehearsal Dinner. We got to bring Parker with us which was a joy since everyone is constantly asking to see her! We ate some really good fajitas and also got to meet some new people which is always a good time.

Wedding Day came!

Tanner was an usher and I was a bridesmaid so we both had to get ready for the wedding. My mom watched Parker for us during the pictures & wedding. The wedding was gorgeous! Everyting couldn't have gone any smoother. I was so excited to get to spend this special day with a special friend. I took some pictures but they turned out kinda blurry :( . After the wedding we headed to Green Tree for the reception, Tanner went to pick up Miss P first. Auntie Ash held her most of the time so thank you Ash!!.

Lauren did an amazing job with every detail of this wedding. We had an awesome time at the reception…we got to catch up with old friends, meet new friends, eat good food and have a couple glasses of wine ;) Us girls even finished the night with a fun cupid shuffle! Lol.
Congratulations Drew & Lauren! We are so happy for you!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

2 months old

Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward.
(Psalms 127:3)

We took Parker on 9/15 to her 2 month check up. She has grown so much and we were excited to see how much she had actually grown. I had tried the getting on the scale with her and then without her and we were actually pretty close.

She weighed 11 lbs 6 oz and was 21 inches. We definitely have a little shorty on our hands, which was expected haha. She was in the 40-50% for height, 60% for weight and like 80% for her head. Big head like her mama!

We are enjoying every second with her.

At 2 months she is...
~ smiling
~ cooing
~ sleeping through the night (which she started at one month)
~ drinking 5 ounces about every 3 hours (except for during the night)
~ loving her swing & mobile
~ going to daycare
~ holding her head up for longer periods
~ staying awake more during the day!
~ and the best...recognizes her mommy & daddy & flashes us smiles!

We couldn't have asked for a more easy going, precious baby girl!

Parker Lea Hayes

"I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him. So now I give him to the LORD. For his whole life he will be given over to the LORD." 1 Samuel 1:27-28

Our sweet baby girl was born on July 14, 2009. She was due to arrive on July 24th and then we had a c-section scheduled for July 17th (because she was breech) but she had a date set on her own. I had spent the past couple days cleaning, cleaning and cleaning! That evening I had just got done cleaning the kitchen real good and my mom stopped by to see me. As we were talking and I was explaining horror birth stories my WATER BROKE. Of course I am freaking out and running & screaming to my husband in the other room. All I was thinking about was an emergency c-section which didn't happen. Once we make it to the hospital and I am getting out of the car (remind you that my water had broke) I notice a birthing class had just let out and they were all standing outside...wow, embarrassing! Once we make it through the old police officer knocking me into every wall, poor guy, I am quickly admitted into a room around 9:00 pm. As they are looking over everything I am luckily only dialated to a 1 and they let me know this baby will be here before 11:00 pm, I start bawling...the day that I never thought would make it here is HERE and my baby girl will be here in less than 2 hours! This delivery was one of the easiest things I have done...I would do the delivery over and over before pregnancy - well those last couple of months anyways! They wheeled me in, explained everything to me, insterted the epidural, and got to work. Tanner talked to me through the whole thing, I couldn't have done any of this without him by my side. FInally at 10:59 pm Miss Parker was here and crying! I couldn't control myself..I was so excited & bawling of course. Tanner got to spend the next few minutes with our baby girl while they patched me up...he was a HAPPY daddy :)

Parker weighed 7 lbs 1 oz and at that time they said she was 17 1/2 in. When we took her in a couple days later she was 19 3/4 in and they said the nurses didn't stretch her good at birth. Once we got to recovery it was nice to be waited on hand and foot so we could just sit and enjoy our little Princess. We had so many family & friends we were overjoyed at how many people came to us for this special time eventhough a lot of it is a blur now and that makes me sad..I mean that was only 2 1/2 months ago :(

I was so scared that c-section recovery would be really hard but I was up and moving around on my own within a couple days and out running errands in a week. God is so wonderful, he couldn't have blessed us with a more perfect daughter and easy delivery & recovery!