Monday, December 28, 2009

Sick little girl...

So Parker's 1st Christmas wasn't as wonderful as we were hoping. On Christmas Eve she started running a temp, nothing serious but a little high. It probably didn't help that I had her out in the cold that afternoon doing some last minute shopping (should have listened to my mom). We gave her some tylenol and sent her off to bed. On Christmas Day we had so much to to do. We had breakfast & presents at my moms, lunch at Tanner's Nanas and then dinner at my dads. She was out all day, handled by so many people & around a lot of kids (some sick ones too) that by the time we got to my dads she was running a 102.2 temperature. I knew her pediatrician was very conservative but decided to call her anyways. She didn't seem to think anything of it. She said without any other symptoms that it was probably just part of the cold she has had for awhile. Once we got her home we gave her a cool bath, which brought it down some, and then put her to bed. When she woke the next morning she still was at 102 so we kept her inside all day Saturday & Sunday and finally she is back down to normal temps. I kept her home today as well to make sure she is 100% better before going to daycare. There is nothing worse than seeing your baby sick :( Eventhough she wasn't feeling her best she was a trooper and made out with tons of cute gifts, though I already had to box up all her new toys. We had a wonderful time seeing our families and friends & even got to share our last Christmas in this house with family. 2009 will be a year we will remember forever <3
The New Year is approaching & though I don't make New Year's resolutions I know this next year will be fun & exciting! We get to move into a new home, start new things & in a few days we get to celebrate our 3 year Anniversary!!! Our little girl is growing so fast & will turn 6 months in January. 2010 is already looking GOOD!
Happy New Year!

Once I get my camera back I will post some Christmas pictures!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tis the Season!

Saturday night Tanner & I went to look at Christmas lights while Parker slept. I love seeing the lights, especially the crazy one in Grassland...that has to be a year long project. We haven’t been by the Neely one yet, saving the best for Christmas! We also got to watch the video of Parker’s first few days, ahhh the memories already. I was so happy Tanner got everything on video but not happy he got me on video, ick! But I did get to see my sweet baby girl on her first day of life & that was special. She has changed so much already! She had some HAIR! That hair is slowly disappearing & lightening up. This Holiday Season has been kinda stressful with the move & my grandmother fell and broke her hip. She has been in the hospital over a week now & my momma is pretty down which makes me sad. We are praying for a fast recovery, strength & hope for my grandmother & my family.

I am very excited for Parker’s 1st Christmas & I think it’s precious that she can rip the paper off her presents (with a little help of course). She gets her arms a flappin & that paper comes right off! She has already gotten so many cute things from wonderful family & friends :)

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Girls Christmas Party

This was the first year I got to attend The Girls Christmas Party & had too much fun! This was the 3rd year for some of the girls.We all brought a dish & got to eat a yummy dinner. We then played Partini, a game which was so much fun & quite embarassing! We also did a movie exchange. You were supposed to bring one of your favorite movies growing up. Well all the movies I had in mind I couldn't find at Wal-Mart (that's where I was at shopping for other gitfs). So I just bought one I enjoyed watching. I got Dirty Dancing which is definitely a FAV! I had so much fun with these girls, can't wait until the next Girl's Night!

love her!

Definitely made some memories ;)

The group

Fun girls!

Monday, December 14, 2009

5 Months!

Happy 5 Months to my little stinker :)

Thank you sweet Angel for bringing so much love into this family. We can’t contain our excitement being around you everyday. Your toothless grin is the most precious thing we have ever seen. You are a MIRACLE!
Parker is about 18 lbs of cuteness now! We don’t go to the pedi until next month so our weight measure will do for now :) We are still working on the tummy time. She actually stayed on her tummy tonight for 15 minutes without crying, that's a huge accomplishment for her! She will push up with her arms and pull her chest off the ground. She does really well at trying to sit up by herself. I can sit her on my lap and she can keep her body up for a few seconds before tipping over, I love when she starts learning new things – it’s pretty funny to watch her!

Less than 2 weeks until Christmas!!

We love you Parker Lea!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A few pics...

Here are a few photos from the past week! 

Her fingers stay planted in her mouth

Christmas outfit from Jennifer B

Finally getting the hang of "tummy time"

But she quickly remembered how much she hates it

This face is priceless

Not diggin the peas

Sleeping Beauty <3

Girls Night!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Few Firsts ♥

This past weekend was a few of Parker’s Firsts! I guess we will be having a lot of these over the next 7 months (can’t believe she is about to be 5 months next week!). Thursday night I prayed & prayed for it to snow so I could “sleep in” with Parker. Well it snowed! But we didn’t do a lot of sleeping in. Parker has a bad cough so it usually wakes her up in the morning. She does fine all night until 6:30 or 7 & she’s waking herself coughing. And we have no clue how to get rid of it! So we just fill her up with Dimetapp & hope for the best :)

Sweet outfit from Aunt Cara, Uncle Landon & Cousin Laney

Back to Parker’s Firsts…SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! I didn’t get any pictures, I didn’t want her sickness to get any worse but I did get a few cute ones of the dogs playing in it. We got to spend the morning lounging around the house & I got a few boxes packed up including her room which was pretty sad. It was just the other day I was decorating her room & now it is bare! We had lunch with Landon, Cara & Laney & on the way home Parker fell asleep & took a 4 HOUR NAP! I kept going in to check on her because she hasn’t ever done this before. I am assuming it was the weather & her not feeling well because she then slept for 12 hours that night, 7:30 – 7:30!!

My sweet family

Saturday we got up & headed to the ConocoPhillips Kids Christmas Party. This was Parker’s 1st Christmas Party & 1st time to sit on Santa’s lap. She could care less about Santa but loved her some Mrs. Claus. She would just stare at her and smile but when it came to taking a picture those smiles weren’t anywhere to be found! Little snot :) That night Tanner & I went to the ConocoPhillips Adult Christmas Party at The Cuthbert Mansion. I am on the activities committee at work & this is one of my main activities I help with. I was swamped last week trying to get everything finished up for the party. Everything turned out beautiful & everyone seemed to have a great time. Seeing all your co-workers doing the cupid shuffle is quite funny but it was fun to see they have a “not so serious” side!

        Parker at her Christmas Party

Painting Parker a little jewelry box

Sunday Tanner left town for the day to go corner a fight in Austin so it was just me & Miss P. We went to church & then headed to a Holiday Open House with my good friend Ashley where I didn’t buy a thing but could have spent a large amount of money if I had it. Sunday night Parker & I got to hang out with my momma for a few hours & help her decorate her kitchen!

Girls Day!!

I am so over the cold weather already! I don’t wish for Summer but I do wish for at least 60 degree weather :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Merry Christmas

*From Our Family To Yours*

Thanks to Mallory Buck for making our precious Christmas cards :-)

My wish came true, I get to stay at home today with my little girl!!
It's actually starting to feel like the Holidays now.
Hope everyone enjoys the snow :-)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Sweet Potatos!

We started Parker on solids a couple weeks ago. We started with cereal, then ventured to carrots, now we are onto sweet potatos! Her first bite is always the best, her face is priceless!

This is what she thinks of sweet potatos! HA

I think I find solids a little more exciting that she does

She loves her ba-ba's though :)

We don't have a single decoration up on any wall in the house BUT we have our Christmas tree up! Looks kinda funny actually with everything else boxed up. My favorite part is wrapping the presents. With a little one I can't whip them out like a usually do but I did manage to wrap 4 last night!

Our Christmas Tree

Friday, November 27, 2009

1st Thanksgiving!

We had such a great time this year celebrating Parker's 1st Thanksgiving. When your parents are split  up it makes Holidays a little more "busy" but we always have such a fun time with all our families. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

1st Thanksgiving!

So thankful for our precious, healthy daughter

Sweet Laneybug :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

First Tooth?

During all of this house stuff our sweet baby girl who never cries or fusses has now taken that on. We can't figure out if she is teething or maybe getting sick. For the past few days she has been been very fussy & needy. Some people say this is normal but definitely not normal for Parker. She has a tooth that has been right there on the surface since she was born so we think it might be trying to make it's appearance. She has been drooling a lot more and puts everything is her mouth. I have been putting these little rings in her hands so they are light to lift and she can stick them in her mouth. It's TOO SOON to be teething! I want her to stay a little baby :( Though new things are fun they can be just as sad because you know she is growing up...ahhhh! Or she could be getting sick but really isn't showing any other signs other than being fussy. Hopefully we will find out soon if it is a little tooth :)

Parkers silly faces crack me up

she loves playing with her tongue!

This past weekend we got to go visit my brother & sister in law and Parker got to see Laneybug, her cousin. When she gets a little older these 2 girls are going to have so much fun playing together & spending the night with each other, ah fun times!

New Beginnings

It has been a crazy week & I don't see it slowing down anytime soon...for at least a couple months anyways. Last week we sold our house which left us on the hunt for a new one. The price range we were searching in is very hot right now so we knew as soon as we found one we liked we had to put a contract on it right then. We did put a contract on one but didn't end up getting it, it sold within the first day with someone offering more than the asking no thanks! The next day our realtor called about a new one that just listed...we went to see it and knew immediately it was for us! We put a contract on it that day and they accepted it the next. We are so excited about this house. The best thing about it is I don't have to paint a SINGLE don't understand how much this excites me! The couple that lives there now is young so she decorated exactly how I do so it's perfect! It also has a front yard & back yard...this was a main concern at our current house. I know I loved playing outside when I was young so I knew Parker would want the same thing and a yard we didn't have.
So the next thing we had to worry about are the inspections for both houses. We got the inspection report back on our current house yesterday and surprisingly there were just a couple minor things that needed to be fixed but nothing major, hallelujah!! We go today to the new house for it's inspection...I'm praying that it goes as smooth as ours went. This process seems much more difficult now that we are dealing with selling & buying at the same time. It was much easier just buying the last time. God knows his timing for us & exactly where He wants us to be & He is pointing us in that direction. We couldn't have done any of this without the faith we have in our awesome God!

 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understandings; In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths."
Proverbs 3:5-6

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Our house is finally under CONTRACT! So technically it’s not sold yet…the buyer still has time to back out and something could go wrong with inspection but we are keeping faith that it goes smoothly. I couldn’t be more thrilled! Cheaper house payment sounds oh so nice! I have been praying for this day since February. Last time it was on the market for about 5 months with no bites. We were expecting this time around to be even longer considering the Holidays are coming up but it sold within a month so we are stoked. We are also a little stressed about everything that needs to be done & fixed, looking for a new home as well as getting our current house ready for our Thanksgiving dinner with the family and Christmas shopping…geeeez! We have found a couple houses we like but of course they have gone under contract. We went to look at one last night and love it so we are thinking about putting a contract on it today,,,crossing our fingers it hasn’t gone under contract yet because it is a precious house. The best part about it is there are no updates to be done!! If you know how much we had to do to our current home then you know how excited this makes us. We are praying for a smooth transition from the house we are currently in to our new home, wherever that may be!

Meanwhile, I have been debating on getting Parker’s ears pierced. My mom has always told me to do it really young, that’s when she did ours so it’s a quick cry and it’s over. I forgot to ask my pedi on Monday but I have heard from a lot of people they only need their 2 sets of shots and she has that & surprisingly Tanner agreed! So I think that will be on our BUSY, CRAZY, HECTIC agenda this week!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy 4 Months!

My little precious angel turned 4 months this past weekend! And what better way to spend it; having a whole weekend of alone time with her daddy :)
These 4 months have been nothing but a sweet blessing and great joy. Parker is already learning so much & it’s amazing to get to be with her everyday learning new things with her. The little things that excite her just make you smile.

We took her to the doctor today…these were her results:
Weight: 14.6 (60%)
Height: 23 in (25%)
She also got more shots today, I have never seen her cry so much & so hard!

She is fast asleep now & I am sure she will be the rest of the afternoon.

At 4 Months:
~ Eating about 35 ounces a day...Dr Reese said we can start on cereal & solids!!
~ Sleeping through the night
~ Fully sitting up in her bumbo & now able to sit in her jumper
~ Has found her VOICE...opening her mouth as wide as possible and pretty much yelling and then she giggles at herself :)
~ Swatting at things in front of her & tries to grab them
~ Has found her hands…they can MOVE :)
~ Smiling at everyone she sees!
~ Wearing 3-6 month clothing except for pants…she can still fit into 0-3 month...little shorty
~ ROLLING from her back to her belly!!
~ Looking more like me but is definitely a daddy’s girl!
~ No longer uses a pacifier which is quite alright with me…one less thing we will have to break her of.
~ Only taking about 2 naps during the day!

I know it seems crazy to make such a big deal out of each month’s birthday for their first year but she changes so much in one month!
Happy 4 Months Sweet Parker, we love you!

God in heaven hear my prayer,
keep me in thy loving care.

Be my guide in all I do,

Bless all those who love me too.



Mom & I headed to Dallas this weekend for my moms best friends sons wedding! And of course for some shopping and mother daughter time which we don’t get as often now ;-) We only ended up making it to one shopping center…all the stores were fabulous so it took us all day. I was in love with the Sam Moon Home D├ęcor Store; I got lots of cute Christmas decorations!! I also pretty much finished up our Christmas shopping except for a few things that I have to order online. We are going to head to Lubbock this weekend for Holiday Happening!
While we were in Dallas we got to have lunch with my friend from highschool, Steph, at Jakes which had yummy friend pickles!
The wedding was gorgeous and the best part was the Texas Country Band!
Though it was a great weekend I was very anxious to get home to my husband & daughter. Mom and I were welcomed home with lots of sweet smiles from Parker!

Pappasitos for Rehearsal Dinner

Tanner had a great weekend just him & Parker. Tanner loves the UFC and really enjoys watching the fights. There was a fight on Saturday night so he dressed up Parker for the event. Tanner bought this onesie for her at a UFC fight in Dallas a couple months ago. Funny Daddy ;)

Parker's "fight face"

This afternoon I have to take Miss P to her 4 month dr apt along with more shots. Then I am taking the afternoon off with her since she won’t be feeling the greatest.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

There is no commandment greater than these :)

I received this in an email this morning & enjoyed reading it over & over so I thought I would share :)

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no commandment greater than these. Mark 12:30 & 31

As mankind we don't have a problem loving ourselves, we have a problem loving others as much as we love ourselves. Our sin nature causes us to love ourselves, it is the born again part of us that causes us to love others. That involves self sacrifice.

Marriage needs to be the most self denying thing to prosper. We must consciously put our spouse ahead of ourselves. We must constantly seek what is best for the relationship not ourselves. We must surrender to Jesus. We cannot do it by ourselves, but under HIS covering we can. And when we do, it is the greatest light to the world.

A successful marriage is a light the world is looking for. It is a picture of THE bride and bridegroom. You want to see the world saved? Love your husband.

Blessings, Penny

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Parker got this Jumper from my Granny before she was born. Parker is just now old enough to use it so Tanner put it together last night for her. Her feet barely touch the ground and she is not quite sure what to do in it but we got some funny faces from her :)

This face made us laugh

Not quite sure what she is supposed to do

Rocket with Daddy

Parker adores her daddy! She especially loves rocket that they do together! This is an everyday thing after work at our house.

Getting ready for liftoff!

In flight & loving it....

Mission SUCCESS!!

More flights

It gets her everytime :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekends go by way too fast...

What a fun weekend we had! We didn’t have much planned but seemed to find things to fill up each day. Saturday was Jenna’s baby shower…her little boy is due in January. He is going to be one spoiled little baby, Jenna got so many fun things at the shower. Jenna looks so beautiful pregnant! I can’t wait to meet baby Jensen :)

After the shower I went with Tanners dad’s gf to Merry Market. Let’s just say large crowds+stroller =not so much fun! Tanner had kept Parker that morning while I was busy at the shower so I took miss P to merry market to give daddy some time to himself. Parker was so good; she was awake the whole time and didn’t make a peep. But I couldn’t get into any of the booths because of the stroller and there were so many people there that I couldn’t stay in one spot very long without being in someone’s way. I did get to buy a couple gifts though. My mom & I are going on a girl’s trip this weekend to Dallas without hubby or baby so I will be able to shop my little heart out!

Sunday I helped paint my mom’s kitchen, I swore I wouldn’t paint again but she needed help so I gave in. We had our first Open House, this time around anyways. It went fairly good. We had about 5 parties come through. One lady was the original owner of the house and one lady said it was her favorite but had a couple more to look at. At this point we are just going with the flow…we know it will sell when God is ready. Last night we cooked for Tanner’s dad and Becky (his gf) and they got to spend a lot of time with Parker :) So our nothing planned, easy weekend turned into a very busy weekend!!

I have a root canal tomorrow which I am actually looking forward too. I have been having major problems with this one tooth since before I was pregnant so I am ready to get that sucker out!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Don't Spoil Them Rotten!

Parenting with Love & Logic!

Tips for Raising Kids Who Love You More Than Your Money

Remember that struggle builds self-esteem.
Requiring our kids to earn some of the things they want is one of the greatest gifts we can give them.

Set limits by saying "yes" instead of "no."
Saying, "Yes, you may have those sneakers if you pay for half of them" is far more effective than, "I am not buying those for you! Do you think that money grows on trees?"

Show them that arguing and manipulation don't work.
Experiment with calmly repeating, "I love you too much to argue" regardless of what they say. They'll be madder in the short-term yet happier in the long-term.

Expect them to do chores without being paid.
Experiment with saying, "I'll be happy to ______________ when your chores are done."

Let them see you say "no" to yourself.
When our kids see us resisting the urge to buy everything we want, they are far more likely to develop humility and responsibility.

After learning about Love and Logic, one couple commented, "When we were kids, nobody in our community had designer clothes, sports cars, or cell phones. It was a lot easier to be a kid and to be a parent. Your book gave us the courage to do what we already knew was right. Now our kids have the most old-fashioned parents on the block!"

Thanks for reading!
Dr. Charles Fay

I am so excited for a weekend with nothing planned besides our Open House on Sunday! More time to spend with my precious family. Hope you all have a Great Weekend!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Getting Big...

Watching Mommy & Daddy cook...well really Daddy :)

Hanging out with the family

Learning to ROLL OVER!

Sweet Cousins!

Mallory Buck took these sweet pictures, she is so amazing! Check out her site!

Laney (17 months) & Parker (3 months)